Barrister babu 27 October : Trilochan caught Mini red-handed

At the beginning of the episode, Trilochan catches Mini’s lies, yells at her, and says that he comes to know that Mini gave Anirudh this sleeping medicine that night. So that he would sleep in her room and pretending to be blind to make them fool. Trilochan raises his hand on Mini, but Mini holds his hand. Trilochan smiles and says that he is not as shameless as her father nor raises his hands on women. He was only pretending to slap her so that the truth comes in front of him. There, Suraiya brings Anirudh to the room and says that this is his Nawab’s room, and he can investigate it. Anirudh looks around in the room. And thinks that he will have to find some other trick to get Bondita.

Suraiya asks Anirudh what he is thinking. Anirudh asks where the girls who are going to take care of the Nawab are. Suraiya says the girl is practicing dance. She takes Anirudh to them. Anirudh spots Rasiya and thinks that he can find Bondita with her help. Anirudh throws a green handkerchief in front of Rasiya and gives her signals. Rasiya finds out from his sign that he is Anirudh. Anirudh indirectly asks Rasiya about Bondita. Rasiya tells him through dance that Bondita is in the basement.

Trilochan curses Mini for his deception. He says that she has betrayed not only Anirudh but also Bondita, who believes in her and calls her an angel. Trilochan asks Bhowmik that he did not give his daughter any education but supported her in her evil deeds. But Binoy has hurt him the most. He asks him why he did it. Binoy says that he has done all this for his son because Mini is his happiness.

There Tara welcomes Nawabs and asks the man to find Bondita as soon as possible. Anirudh wants to get rid of Suraiya, so he tells her that instead of chasing him, she should go to Nawabs so that she can get some gifts from them. Suraiya gets greedy for the gift and leaves. Anirudh moves towards the cellar to discover Bondita. Bondita feels as if Anirudh is around her. Anirudh enters the cellar and calls Bondita’s name. Bondita is surprised to hear his voice.

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