Anupamma 28 October : Anupama raised her voice in front of Vanraj

At the beginning of the episode, Pakhi tells Vanraj that Anupama has regained consciousness and Paritosh and Samar are bringing her. Vanraj stands upon hearing this. Anupama comes into the room and sends Samar and Paritosh out. Anupama stares at Vanraj, who is standing in front of her bowed. Anupama asks him directly why? Vanraj says that what she saw was not like that.

Anupama stops him and says she trusts what she saw. And if he doesn’t have an answer for why. So he should tell if he loves Kavya? Does he want to marry her? Vanraj says that there is nothing like this; she misunderstands things. Anupama says that she was mistaken for 25 years. Vanraj says that Kavya had fallen on the bed and he also fell with her. Vanraj adds that Kavya was upset due to her husband due to which he became weak. And on the wedding day she was threatening him and in this hurry, he fell.

Anupama recalls that Vanraj had said to Kavya that he loves him. Anupama tells Vanraj that the children can believe his stories, not a mature woman like her. Vanraj says she is making a mess of things. Anupama refuses this. Vanraj says then what will she do now. Anupama says that she will decide for herself whether she should stay as his wife or only daughter-in-law and mother. Also, she will not tell anyone anything about Vanraj; he will do it himself. Vanraj says if he does everything then what she will do. And how will she stay in this house without a wife position because this house belongs to him.

Anupama says that this house belongs to her as well, so he does not dare to say something like this again. And she will decide for herself what to do. Vanraj is shocked to see the rebel Anupama. Anupama leaves the room and meets Samar. Samar asks her how she is. Anupama says she is fine. And asks Samar about Paritosh. Samar says that Paritosh has gone to his friend. If she has some work, suggest it to him. Anupama says that if there is any, she will tell him.

At the same time, Anupama’s mother and her brother come, and they are happy to see Anupama in a healthy state. Bhavesh tells Anupama that her mother prayed for her all night yesterday. Anupama says, and that is why she has recovered. Further, Anupama’s mother notices that Anupama is not wearing Mangalsutra and sindoor. So she asks her if everything is fine between her and Vanraj. Anupama says yes because she does not want to hurt her mother by telling the truth. Anupama’s mother says that she hopes that everything is fine between them and they never break up. Anupama thinks that the relationship has already broken. But she cannot tell it to her. Further, Anupama says bye to her mother.

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