Shaadi Mubarak 28 October : Preeti and KT meet famous Tia

At the beginning of the episode, KT explains to Preeti that the heart is the same, the time has changed, and they think like that should throw Aryan’s party in that way to win his heart. Preeti understands his point and dances to the beats of the song. Everyone is happy to see her. Preeti tells everyone that she was very fond of dancing, but with time she forgot it, but today she danced openly. And now she feels that she can throw Aryan’s party.

Aryan’s phone comes to KT. He tells KT that he needs the item girl Tia for his party. So he should meet her and fix her for his party. KT says, okay. And tells Preeti that they have to go to a meeting now. Preeti asks her but right now? KT tells that they need to go to a meeting with item girl Tia. Everyone is shocked to hear Tia’s name and tells them about Tia that she is a great dancer. Preeti gets nervous hearing the item girl’s name, but Kusum convinces her and takes away her nervousness.

KT and Preeti meet Tia. They ask Tia to come to the party. Tia tells them that she has no problem because she has free time right now. They ask for payment. Tia tells them that she takes the money according to her dress. The shorter the dress, the more money. Then she takes out a cigarette and smokes. Preeti makes her go out and smokes because she has Laddu Gopal in her cabin. Tia gets up and leaves. KT and Preeti feel that she left with displeasure. So Preeti goes after her. Tia asks her what happened. Preeti asks her if she is angry. Tia refuses and says that she doesn’t mind such small things.

On the other hand, Kusum meets Rati. She tells her about Priyanka’s marriage and also tells them that Preeti has got a huge contract. Because of which she is very happy. Rati tells this to Tarun and is very angry. Tarun says that he will not allow Preeti to win.

Preeti and KT have done all the party work. Preeti prepares a hangover drink for the guest so that nobody gets dehydrated after consumed alcohol. KT praises Preeti’s idea. Aryan asks Preeti about the guest and other things. Preeti gives him all the details. Further, Aryan tells Preeti to dress up according to the party.

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