Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28 October: Kartik, Naira set things right

At the beginning of the episode, Kairav ​​leaves after getting frustrated at not getting his favourite character. Karthik and Naira follow him and try to convince him. Here Manish and Dadi argue among themselves that this time if Kairava’s eyes Tears will find him there and will tell Karthik that he gets angry at this behaviour from the cows cradling Krishna. After a while, Karthik and Naira arrive. Manish asks him about Kairava. Reaches there and all the children are happy.

Karthik and Naira try to convince Manish that he will not let any child get discouraged, following all your ideas, and take care of the upbringing of all the children. Then Karthik and Naira go to their room and talk among themselves. It is said that Kairava did a lot of smart work, then Kairava comes from behind and tells him that I will show as a good child, and then all the children play Ramleela’s act very fun.

After a while, the Naksh arrives and collides with Keerti. Then Karthik and Naira told Naksh to make Krish remember the lines of his script and ask Keerti to make Krishna remember the lines of his script. Karthik scolds Krishna and tells him to say sorry to the Kairav, and Krishna starts laughing at him.

Krishna tells the rest of the children that this Navratri puja is done only by the girls as the boys are langurs, on hearing this the grandmother reprimands her and says that if she teases the children the next time they will lock her in the room or Krishna gets angry on hearing that Girl worship begins after a while

Naira and Karthik are going to feed Akshara in their lap. Manish meets there, and he tells us that for a while he too has to play with Akshara, after this, after seeing Krishna crying, Akshara woke up in his lap. After taking it and puts it on the ground for a while, seeing this, Dadi comes running and rebukes her. After a while, Akshara starts crying and Naira tells Dadi to give her in her lap, Dadi told Naira to take care of Krishna, and she can handle Akshara.

Episode end.

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