Yeh Hain Chahtein 28 October : Preesha gets a vital clue

At the beginning of the episode, Preesha said to Rudraksh that it is her duty to do whatever she did. No one has forced her to do this, so she did all this, but when the time came for you to trust me, So you gave up but, I don’t have such a habit.

The next morning, Balraj tells everyone that hurry to get out of here as soon as possible, suddenly a policeman comes in front of him and tells him that we have got a clue from the corpse which we have sent to Delhi. And Kirti’s murderer is done by a woman hearing this; everyone gets fond of it. Then his father comes there and says to Balraj that you have saved Rudraksha from here, but how will you save from Delhi, Balraj says that he would have to give a befitting reply to everything. and get out of there

Balraj and Ahana go in the car, talking to whom the earrings can be, which they have met near Keerti’s body. Another side Preesha and Rudraksh spend some moments sitting with each other in the bus, Mishka sneaking to see everyone sleeping Throws her earlobe out of the window and thinks in her mind that no one can hold her now because she erased all the evidence.

On reaching the hotel, Preesha tells everyone to stop and tells Saransh that he should rest in the room, and then Preesha tells everyone that she saw something from the van’s window while coming, and after a while, she shows everyone an earring. And says that the police were talking about the evidence that has been thrown from your car, showing earrings, Suspects Ahana and Mishka.

Ahana sees Balraj standing silently and tells him to say something. But Balraj standing up for some time says that he feels right about Preesha because she has proved Rudraksh innocent and says that he have to find out who has thrown it from the car, then Ahana confesses while staring at Preesha that these earrings belong to her.

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