Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 28 October : Will, the mistake of Aman, put Roshni in trouble

At the beginning of the episode, Roshni tells Aman that she feels as if they have fallen into a trap. And that is when Roshni gets captured in the glass box. Aman tries to use his magic to save Roshni, but his magic does not work. Then Rubina comes there and asks Aman if his magic is not working. Aman asks Rubina why she is doing all this.

Rehan says that there is no time to ask questions and they should save Roshni using the sword. Aman takes out his sword and attacks Rubina, but he kills a senior Ayanna who is helping Roshni. Rubina says that she had already come to know that he had come to know about her, so she made this plan and lied to Shayari. And because the elder Ayana was helping Roshni and being Ayana, she could not kill the other Ayana. So she got her killed with the help of Aman.

Roshni asks her if she is an Ayana too. Rubina says yes, and her heart is near Roshni, which she needs. And for this, Roshni has to die. Aman says that the heart that is in Roshni’s chest is not her but of Roshni. Dadi tells Rubina that her Rubina was not like this. She used to help everyone. Surely black magic has affected her, so she is doing so. Rubina tells Dadi that she is saying this because she does not know that she is an Ayana. Who lost her heart during a fight with Kala Jin.

Aman says that but what is the fault of the Roshni in it. Rubina says then what her fault was? Salma says why is she venting her anger on Roshni, and she is a family then why is she taking revenge. Rubina says which family. Where was this family when Junaid used her and threw her out. She says, but now no one can hurt her, now she will soon find her heart and kill Roshni.

Aman says she will not be able to do anything because Aman is with Roshni and her family too. Further, Rehan says that he has neither a sword of him nor a clip of Roshni, then how will he win this battle like that. Dadi says that they should seek help from Ilme Jin as it solves Rubina’s answers. But Roshni refuses them and says she wants to spend the remaining few days with her family in peace. Aman says but her security is necessary for him. Roshni says, but she is tired of all this.

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