Qurbaan Hua 29 October : Godhambhari overhears Neel and Chahat’s conversation

At the beginning of the episode, Vyas Ji asks Naveli to start the pooja at the same time Kripa starts crying. Chahat asks Vyas Ji to give Kripa to her to change the diaper. Chahat stares at Neil while going. Neil summons Chahat on the pretext of Prasad and gently asks him why she did not wear the clothes given to her, then Chahat tells him that When he moves upstairs, then I will tell you why I did not wear.

Neil and Chahat go to their room. Niel says that I have done wrong by bringing a gift for you and starts hitting on his hand with a toy. After some time, Chahat came wearing it after a while, she comes in front of Neil and tells Neil that I am feeling very unconformable in it. Seeing him in short clothes. Niel gives him a sari and says it is not the dress which I had brought for him, then Chahat asks him, what was that you got for me.

Naveli stares herself in front of the mirror with the gift that was mixed with Chahat gift. Parmukh saw the cloth and get shocked and says that I did not send clothes for you and thinks that maybe my parcel is exchanged with someone. Neil apologizes to Chaat for his anger and says that he had brought a simple sari for her. Chahat begs Neil to take him to the university because today is the last day to fill the PG form. Niel Refuses.

Chahat saw Bhupendra and thinks that she takes him to university. Kripa keeps Vyas Ji in the dock. Chahat says that I will bring bangles for her. As soon as Chahat was leaving, Jamuna Prasad falls unconscious. All together lay Jamuna Prasad on his bed and then check his Blood pressure, and feed him medicine. Vyas Ji feels proud of Chahat.

Due to the lack of time, Chahat is unable to go to the university and sits down in her room feeling sad. Suddenly a message comes on her phone that her form has been filled up. She is shocked and thinks about who filled her form. Then Neil comes into the room and gives him the receipt of her form. Chahat gets very happy to see it, then Niel tells Chaht that I had an advantage in it, so I did once Dr. baigh quickly gets recovered, and then he can take revenge on him. Chahat gets annoyed, Neil regrets his words. Chahat says that she will soon become a neurologist and fix her Baba and reveal the truth. Godhambari hears all this and thinks that if Chahat starts earning, she will treat her like a servant. Godhambhari is determined not to pass this exam to the want. Episode end

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