Shakti 28 October : Will Malika stop Heer’s marriage?

At the beginning of the episode, Preeto threatens Soham that whoever comes in Heer’s way will remove from the road. The police come there, and they arrest Soham. Soham says that what they did to his father is what they are doing to him, and for this, he will take revenge from them. Rohan is sad because he had a hand in Soham’s arrest. Harak tells him that he does not need to be sad because he has supported the right. There, Heer and Virat share a romantic moment and drink tea as well as chat about life after marriage. While Preeto brings the omen of Heer’s wedding to Malika and tells her that she wishes Heer happiness.

Parmeet asks about Virat. Gurminder sees Virat coming from his room. And she tells all that Virat has arrived. Everyone is happy to see Virat in the groom’s dress. Then they take their leave with Barat. There, Heer is also getting dressed as a bride. She repeatedly asks Ravi and Sindhu to fix her dress and jewellery. Ravi and Sindhu ask her to sit silently. And say which bride speaks this much. Mahi comes there and says that her Heer speaks so much and will also speak because today is her day. Heer asks Mahi how she looks. Mahi says, very beautiful. Further, Mahi and Heer talk about how to handle the family after marriage.

That’s when Virat comes with Barat. Everyone is happy to see this and welcomes them. Rohan goes to Heer and sees that Heer is shedding tears. He tells her to smile because today is not the day to be sad. There, Malika dreams that Parmeet gets to know about Heer that she is a eunuch. And she tells this to Heer that she adds that she cannot have a kinnar daughter. Heer breaks down, knowing this truth. And Parmeet puts petrol on Heer and tries to burn Heer. Malika wakes up from her dream and shouts Heer’s name.

Malika says that she will not let this dream come true and will stop the marriage by telling Heer her truth. Preeto gives a plate of arti to Mahi and asks her to perform the ritual. But Mahi says that this right belongs to Preeto, so she should perform the arti of his son-in-law. While Malika is coming towards Heer’s house. Preeto welcomes Virat, and at the same time, Kinnar comes there and asks for nek. Virat goes to give them righteousness. Kinnar asks Virat in the form of a noble promise to keep Heer happy forever. Virat pledges them. Further, Virat and Heer’s marriage begins.

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