Barrister babu 28 October : Anirudh was successful in finding Bondita

At the beginning of the episode, Bondita says that she feels that something good is going to happen. Anirudh is searching for Bondita in the cellar. He takes the name of Bondita but then he falls silent because he cannot shout in a loud voice. He thinks how to find Bondita. Bondita feels the fragrance of Anirudh. She thinks if Anirudh has come here. And then she hears Anirudh singing “Raghupati Raghav”. And she is happy to know that Anirudh is perfectly fine. She makes sound by knocked the box twice like she did before. Anirudh’s footsteps stop hearing this voice and then Bondita also sings “Raghupati Raghav”. There, Tara about to comes to the basement to pick up some belongings with Suraiya. Whereas Anirudh opens the box which containing Bondita and is happy to see Bondita. Anirudh takes Bondita in his embrace. Bondita touches Anirudh’s injury spot. Anirudh indicates that he is fine.

Anirudh asks Bondita how she is. Instead of answering, Bondita asks him if he is alright. Anirudh says that she is still thinking about him. Why is she so good Anirudh apologizes to her because she had to live in a place like Hira Mandi because of him. Bondita says that nothing happened because of him, just things were going wrong. Anirudh says that they should discuss
these things later and should plan to leave from here first. That’s when he hears someone’s footsteps and Anirudh hides Bondita.

Binoy tries to convince Trilochan that Mini is best for Anirudh, not Bondita. He uses the wrong words about Bondita. Trilochan gets angry on this and asks him to shut his tongue. On the other hand, Tara gets angry upon seeing Anirudh in the basement and places the tip of the knife on hid neck. She asks him how dare he come here. Has he come here to investigate at the behest of someone? Bondita thinks that she should come out of the box so that she can prevent Tara from harming Anirudh.

But then Saurav comes there and handles the matter. He asks Tara how dares she treat his slave like this. Tara gets nervous seeing Sourav’s strong aura. Saurav says that now he will not stay for a moment in Sheesh Mahal. Tara stops him and apologizes and says that she will not repeat this mistake again. Saurav says its ok. Further, Anirudh thinks that he will have to indicate his plan by signaling to Bondita. And he tells Tara Nawab saheb loves unique and old things and she has a lot of precious things, can she sell them. Tara says yes. Bondita also understands Anirudh’s gesture of what he is trying to say to her.

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