Shaadi Mubarak 29 October : Chanda plans to spoil the party organized by KT and Preeti

At the beginning of the episode, Aryan asks Preeti to change her outfit because Sari will reduce her party’s charm. He says that he will send an outfit for her by telling his assistant. There, Kusum is watching jewelry for Priyanka. She likes a ring for Priyanka and she asks Priyanka if she likes it. Priyanka takes the ring from her and consults with Juhi whether this ring is okay. When Kusum sees that her daughter is not taking her suggestion, she becomes very sad. Sumedha tells her not to be unhappy. Kusum says her daughter hates her. Sumedh says that there is nothing like this because the day she bids farewell, she will cry in her arms only.

Preeti sees Aryan’s dress which is too short. Preeti says what she should do if she does not change the saree, Aryan will get angry and can cancel the contract. On the other hand, Rati is going to the party with Chanda. She tells Tarun that she will have dinner with Chanda and he sees his. Tarun says he is not worried about dinner. He is worried about Priyanka. Rati tells hi. to calm down as she will manage Priyanka. And he manages Preeti.

Aryan asks KT about Preeti. KT says that she might be busy with some work and will come in a while. Aryan says that he does not think Preeti will come here. KT asks why. Aryan tells him the whole thing. But then Preeti comes. She is wearing a very beautiful sari which looks very smart. Everyone praises Preeti’s look. Aryan also tells Preeti that Preeti changed his mind today.

Further, Rati comes to Aryan’s party by mistake and comes with Chanda. They are shocked to see Preeti’s style. Rati tells Preeti that despite being so cultured why did she wear this saree. That’s when Aryan’s fiancée Rooh comes in and praises Preeti again and again, which burns Chanda and Rati. On the other hand, Tarun comes to Priyanka’s house and Priyanka is shocked to see him.

Chanda thinks of spoiling KT and Preeti’s party. Chanda realizes that Preeti does not consume alcohol and thinks about taking advantage of it. Whereas KT makes the atmosphere happy by performing a dance of his film.

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