Anupamma 29 October : Kinjal is surprised by Anupama’s changed behavior

In the beginning of the episode, Vanraj tells Kavya how many times he has told her not to call him again and again. Kavya says that she is very upset so if he can come to her. Vanraj says no because he is already in trouble and cannot come to give her a rest. He tells her not to bother him and leaves him alone. Kavya says why he repeatedly talks about leaving him alone, does he really want to stop following her. Vanraj gets irritated by this and disconnects the phone.

Anupama is talking to Devika, when she sees that Pakhi comes, she disconnects the phone. Anupama starts fixing the room. Pakhi says that she is just now feeling well then why she is working. Anupama says because she is all right now. Pakhi asks what grief she felt that her condition was like this. Anupama says that nothing has happened like that so she should not worry. Pakhi sees that Anupama’s clothes are in her room. She says that Jhilmil might have put it by mistake. Anupama says no, she has brought it herself and wants to stay there for a few days. Pakhi goes to Leela and Jayesh and tells them this thing and asks Vanraj if they have a fight. Vanraj says no she has come to stay in her room just to get some change. Leela and Jayesh find this thing strange.

Nandni sees that everything is quiet in Anupama’s house. She thinks why Anupama has not told anyone yet. Then Samar comes there and Nandni is happy to see Samar happy. There, Anupama goes to Paritosh and scolds him for supporting Vanraj and says that he is a very stupid person who believes in Vanraj. She asks him how he came to know about Vanraj. Paritosh tells Nandni told him but after that, he tried to improve things with Nandni and Sanjay. Anupama is shocked to hear Sanjay’s name. And she asks how many people know about it. Paritosh says they only know. Kinjal comes there and asks Anupama how she is. Anupama does not listen to her and goes away. Kinjal is shocked to see Anupama’s behavior.

Anupama does household chores. Everyone stops her from working, but Anupama says that if she does not work, she will become ill. Leela asks Anupama about her Mangalsutra and says that if she put it in the temple, she should wear it. Leela asks Vanraj to help Anupama in this. Vanaraj makes Anupama wearing the Mangalasutra. But Anupama stops him and wears the old mangalsutra because Vanraj was not cheating at that time.

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