Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 29 October : Aman took a big step

At the beginning of the episode, Roshni is shocked to see a glow in her room and she tells this to Aman. Aman and Roshni chase that light and Roshni does not understand what is going on.

On the other hand, Rehan and Shayari get Ilme Jin. While Roshni and Aman see that Roshni’s parents died in the past and nobody else Aman’s father kill them. Roshni starts shedding tears and shares that she thought her parents had abandoned her but they were dead. Aman apologizes to Roshni because her father and mother lost their life due to his father.

Roshni says that all this happened due to his father and he has no hand in it, so he should not be sad and there is no need to apologize because only Aman is the one who has brought back glory in her life. Further, Roshni realizes that Rubina is her aunt. Aman promises Roshni that now he will not allow Roshni to face any more trouble. While Rehan and Shayari are stuck in the book and after a lot of hard work, Shayari frees herself and Rehan from the book.

Roshni meets Rubina and says that if she wants her heart, she can take it and she will not refuse it. Aman says that he will not allow Rubina to harm Roshni and will not let her heart and Roshni happen anything. He believes that he has the strength of the family, on which strength he will manage everything. Dadi supports Aman and says that he does not need to panic because he is a powerful king of Jinns who never gives up.

Aman agrees with her words and decides that he will tell the whole world about the power of love and he will build a sword himself. Which will be the sword of love and through it he will end evil. Dadi agrees with Aman.

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