Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29 October: Krishna’s reckless act

At the beginning of the episode, Dadi rebukes Krishna and says that why she kept Akshara on the ground, Karthik also asks her that if Akshara was crying, she could bring her to him. Krishna apologizes to Dadi. Naira and Kartik also scold little to Krishna for this. Then Kartik wishes that everything should go smoothly. Kairav also gets a little angry about this act of Krishna and complains to his little gang, and they support him too.

In the garden, Dadi says to Manish if Next time Krishna does anything that causes the children of the house to suffer, she will expel him from this house, no matter what the world says. Krish and Vatsal were happy to hear this. Kartik and Naira help the children of the household get ready for Ramlila. Dadi prepares gifts for all the children.

After a while, all the guests start coming. Dadi gently tells Manish that if someone tries to get information about Krishna, what will we tell him, then one of them asks about Krishna, principal of the school said that Karthik and Naira adopted it and got it admitted in our school and praised it for the work.

After a while, Naksh comes, and Manish gets a little annoyed seeing Naksh says to all the children all the best, then Krrish insists on taking a selfie-and Kirti and Naksh stand together. Alekh told Vansh that he doesn’t like losers. And said to act best in this Ramlila, and on the other hand, Kartik and Naira say to Krrish that defeat is nothing, but we just keep learning.

All the children make a plan against Krishna and disappear for a while from there. Naira comes to Kartik, searching for Akshara, and tells him that she is not seen Akshara for too long, then Karthik shows her Akshara. Then Surekha comes to Naira after a while and says that Ramleela is about to debut. After a while, Manish starts Ramleela by giving introductions on stage.

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