Yeh Hain Chahtein 29 October : Bad time for Preesha

At the beginning of the episode, Ahana confesses in front of everyone that she is the mistress of the ring and leaves the room. As soon as she reaches the room, Ahana slaps Mishka and loudly says, that why did she kill Kirti. Mishka tells Ahana to believe her words. She has not killed Kirti.

As soon as Mishka starts telling Ahana the incident that night, everyone with Preesha comes to her room and tells Mishka that now it is revealed that this ring belongs to her and Preesha shows a picture in her phone wherein Mishka is wearing the same earrings, seeing that Mishka is shocked and apologizes to everyone and says that she had gone to meet Kirti, But she has not killed her. Rudraksh tells Mishka that you lied to everyone to protect yourself. Ahana feels disgraced.

Balraj also says to Anna that you have disappointed today, all the while keeping the truth hidden and all go away. Preesha calls Yuvraj and says that he has cheated on her. He has hidden things from her. Yuvraj said that he didn’t see much, just he has removed his CCTV footage. So he didn’t know much about it.

Rudraksh comes in and saw Preesha talking to Yuvraj. Rudraksh says angrily to Pressha that I know you want to save Yuvraj. While talking, Yuvraj’s name comes out from Preesha’s mouth accidentally.

On hearing this, Rudraksh gets angry and says that you are not taking my name even while talking to me. Rudraksh yelled many harsh words at her and went off from there. Preesha gets depressed. Vasudeva calls Preesha and takes a list of all the events. Preesha tells her that she should go to Neerja and find out anything which can prove her innocence.

Preesha sits near Neerja and tells her all her unhappiness. Rahul comes there and holds Preesha’s hand and removes her from there, and says that she has no need to come to Neerja because Rudraksh and she is wretched for him while returning, Preesha sees Surekha in the hospital and gets surprised.

Episode end

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