Nagin5 7 November – Bani’s truth revealed

At the beginning of the episode, Bani and Veer make a celebration of Navratri while Jai and Mayuri plan to harm Bani and Veer. Mayuri says that Bani’s game will end today but Jai tells her that Bani is his target only so only he will hunt her. Veer asks Bani to dance with him. Bani agrees to dance with him but she repeatedly hurts Veer with the help of dandiya to teach Veer a lesson. Veer snatches dandiya from Bani and then he does a romantic dance with her. Bani stops him and says that she will only dance with dandiya. She asks Tapesh and Baldev to join them.

Everybody enjoys dancing While Mayuri caught Bani in her trap and takes Bani away from Veer. There Jai takes the form of Bani and digs a knife into Veer’s chest. Veer is shocked and Jai takes the avatar of Nag in the form of Bani, which makes Veer even more shocked to see Bani as a Nagin. Mayuri attacks Bani while Bani realizes that Veer is in trouble. When Veer sees Bani i.e. Jai in the form of a serpent, he remembers all the things of the past. Bani kills Mayuri to get out of her trap. And before Jai kills Veer, she saves Veer. Bani is shocked to see Jai in her form. Then Baldev and Veer’s brothers also come there and get to know that Bani is Adinagin.

Everybody asks Veer if he knew that Bani is Adinagin. Veer tells them that he too has just come to know. Baldev thinks of killing Bani. But Veer stops him and says that if he wants to kill someone, then kill Jai. They are about to do this but Bani stops them.

Later, Jai is about to take Bani with him but Veer stops him and says Bani is his wife she will stay with him. Jai says that he cannot leave Bani in trouble. Veer interrupts him and says that Bani is more secure with him. The two decide to fight each other but Bani does not let them do so.

Bani tells them both that she will decide for herself where she wants to live and she grabs Jai’s hand and asks him to walk outside. Veer tells Bani that she should not go away from him because he cannot bear it. Bani says when he had done similar things in the past, he was killed and still she will come back to kill him. Veer’s eyes become moist. And Bani goes with Jai. Jai tells Bani that she should go with him. Bani refuses and says that she will stay here only and will give punishment to eagles for their wrongdoings.

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