Qurbaan Hua 9 November 2020 Written Update : Chahat become a widow

At the beginning of the episode, Neel was shouting in pain, and everybody present in the factory could listen to his voice and wonder why is he shouting like this. And followed his voice. Parmukh came across Godhmbari and Naveli and asked them why they have come here Naveli told them they came here by following you.

Then Parmukh started Searching for Neel and found Chahat unconscious. Parmukh told Godhmbari to wake her. Godhmbari helped Chahat, and suddenly Chahat ran and started searching for Neel. Then Chahat acknowledged them about the incident, and Godhmbari screamed and said they would not get Neel’s body for the last rites. Chahat was not accepting this and searching for Neel here and there. Parmukh sat down and acted like crying. Parmukh doubted Godhmbari and Naveli for this. Gazala was also thinking about who has planned this.

Vyas Ji was searching for the rest of the family members, and suddenly Parmukh with Godambhari and Naveli came home and acknowledged Vyas Ji about the incident. Vyas Ji gets shocked and started screaming and was claiming this false. Chahat was walking on the road and speaking to herself that Neel is pulling a prank with me, and he would definitely go home.

Chahat came home and started searching for Neel and shouting his name. Chahat said to Vyas Ji that totally it’s his fault that he has become lenient that’s why he is doing such a nuisance. Chahat went upstairs the search Neel. Chahat was madly running all around the home in search of her. Godhmbari told Vyas Ji that this is because of Chahat. Vyas Ji shouted at Godhmbari and told her to keep quiet. Bhupnder shows that message to everyone and said Chahat might have read this message and went there. Godhmbari said, Chahat to stop her madness and said to her that she has become a widow and told her to open her bangles. In a room, Dr. Baigh was treating Neel, and he was suffering from pain. Dr. Baigh prayed to God for his recovery.

episode end

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