Yeh Hain Chahtein 7 November 2020 Written Update : Shardha gets arrested

At the beginning of the episode, the police were arresting Shardha, but Balraj said, them to wait until he talks to his lawyer. Harish said no one could stop because the police have the arrest warrant. Preesha told them Shardha is innocent and tells them that Kirti was trying to take revenge and said Harish that we are now aware of everything. And told Harish that he is responsible for all the incidents.

Preesha said that Shardha was trying to save Kirti and how DNA got matched. Harish claims all this story fake and asked for proof. Police also said that they only believe in proofs they can’t believe anyone like this and arrests Shradha. Police take Shardha with them.

Rahul was sitting beside Neerja and tells her that he will fix everything very soon. Rahul told Neerja that he is feeling very alone without her Neerja moved her hand, Rahul gets happy and call the doctor.

Preesha gets scolding by Balraj for twisting the evidence. Ahana gets happy. Balraj went off from there with the lawyer. Rahul came with the doctor, and after examining the doctor said there is no improvement in her it was only her imagination. When the doctor was leaving the room machine started beeping, and Neerja moved her hand.

Balraj went to the police station and get to know that he can’t get bail for Shardha. Balraj said Harish has done this, and he will not leave him. Preesha and Rudraksh request to meet Shardha for few minutes. Shardha said God will save her as she has not done anything.

Preesha and Rudraksh came back home, and Saransh started asking them about Sharada. Rudraksh distracted him and took him to play a video game. Preesha went to the temple and told God that she will not go anyway until Shardha gets Justice. Saransh was clicking selfies with Rudraksh in a room.

Preesha started praying to God. Saransh told Rudraksh that storage is full and told him to make some space. Rudraksh found a lengthy video and played that. There Neerja opened her eyes. Rudraksh gets shocked after seeing that video.

Episode end

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