Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 7 November 2020 Written Update : Rubina bring devils from hell

At the beginning of the episode, the housemates are worried about Roshni, while Roshni comes home and everyone asks her about Aman. Roshni says that he is still imprisoned in the mirror world because Rubina has kept him captive. Everyone says they made a mistake by trusting Rubina. Rehan says he will not leave Rubina. Roshni tells him not to do anything like this. She says they have to remain calm till the golden sun.

Rubina thinks she will kill Roshni’s family. But then she thinks that Roshni’s family has defeated every evil force so she needs to do something big. Rubina thinks that she should harm Roshni and her family by bringing the devil out of Jinn’s hell. She opens the door to Jinn’s Hell, which can remain open for only 30 seconds, and in that while, Rubina finishes her work.

Roshni has a stomach ache and she tells Salma that she is having the exact same pain as what happened at the time of Kindy’s operation. Everyone asks her about the operation and Salma tells them that Roshni had donated her Kidney to Parveen. Sara asks if she had this pain when Armaan was about to born.

Roshni cross-checks and finds that she is pregnant. Everyone is happy. But Rehan gets angry because Roshni did wrong by promising blood to Rubina. Roshni starts crying. Grandma scolds Rehan. Rehan says he is happy but is worried also so he said all this. Shayari asks him is he not happy. Rehan reveals that he is happy.

Roshni asks him to swear and tell the truth. Rehan says that he is really happy but also a little worried. Dadi says that he has no need to worry because now they will fight with Rubina.

Baby says but they don’t have any strength then how will they beat Rubina. Dadi says that they have the strength of unity and with the help of this they will defeat Rubina.

Rubina wakes up Hell’s Devil and is happy that now Junaid’s family will soon die. Rehan thanks Shayari for being with him in every difficult situation. Shayari asks him what he asked Ilme Jin that day. Rehan asks her to come to the garden and says that he will tell her everything there. Shayari is happy and excited.

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