Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7 November 2020 Written Update: Vansh fight back!

At the beginning of the episode, Kartik tells Naira to come to the temple. There they both will think and decide what to do next. Aditya grasped Krish’s wrist and was taking him with himself. Vansh and Kairav were not allowing Krish to go with him. Dadi suddenly notices except Krishna. All the children were missing from there. Dadi asks Krishna about them. For remaining speechless for some time than Krishna said they have gone to pluck the fruits from the tree.

Dadi and Shardha went to see them. All the children started fighting with Aditya, and he was trying to convince them. Dadi asked one person about children, He said they are safe, and he had seen them a few moments ago. Kairav pulled Aditya back, and his legs slipped and fell into the chasm, but he was hanging with the support of the wall, all the children tried to pull him back, but he fell off.

Manish came and saw Dadi was standing outside the temple and asked her why she is standing outside? Then she said all the children are missing. Dadi asked Manish about Kirti and Naksh’s decision. Suddenly Naira and Naksh came there. All the children decided to go down and see Aditya. Kartik informed them that tomorrow’s divorce would be confirmed. Kirti and Naksh got the custody paper, and the lawyer said the last step is still missing. Naksh has discussed something with the lawyer secretly before signing the papers.

Vansh checked Aditya’s breath and said he is dead, Kairav shocked. Kartik asked about Kairav Dadi said she don’t know where they are. Children were confused about what to do next. Kairav said our family would scold us. Vansh said every one to escape from there as soon as possible. Kirti and Naksh also came there and helped Kartik to find the children.

Kairav recalled a past moment in which he has promised his parents to inform them first if he makes any mistake. Kairav came back with tears in his eyes and hugged Naira, and said in a crying voice that Aditya is dead. And then Kairav acknowledged all the information. And requested not to inform the police.

All the children were crying and very scared. Kartik tells Samarth to take everyone home, and they will handle the situation. Kartik told Naira to stay with Kairav and not let her alone for a single minute.

Episode end

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