Namak Issk ka 18 August 2021 written update – Irawati manipulates the evidence

At the beginning of the episode, Yug tells the police officer to arrest this girl. Irawati also started telling Yug that if he would have listened to her then Chamcham would be alive today. Rupa shouted at her for showing sudden Love towards Chamcham. Ravikanth agrees with Rupa and cries for Chamcham. Rony was trying to make her quiet but she warned him not to interrupt. She told the police that these all are responsible for Chamcham’s death. Irawati says we all will go to see her but first arrest this girl.

The police officer was about to arrest her. She says before arresting me bring proof against me. Chamcham told them to go and investigate CCTV footage. Irawati thought about how to escape from this now. The police officer told him we can’t arrest her without any proof. Yug told them to carry on the investigation till then she will be in their trap.

Yug took Chamcham upstairs and locked the door. Gunjan and Rony were trying to overhear their conversation. Yug and Chamcham pretend like they are arguing. Gunjan tells Rony our plan worked. Yug tells Chamcham that he is going to Satya be safe.

A few moments back, Yug tells Satya that the gun that the waiter will bring would be fake. He says soon people will gather around you whom he will send from his team. Irawati got to that the police officer took the CCTV footage. Rupa requested Ravikanth to find out where is Chamcham.

The police officer informed Yug that Irawati will try to destroy the CCTV footage. Yug got confused about what to do now? Rony and Irawati stop that car in which the CCTV footage was kept. Rony took the CCTV footage by making the driver unconscious. They saw Yug’s car coming towards them and hid behind the car.

Ravikanth and Rupa went to look at Chamcham’s dead body for the last time. There Ravikanth gets emotional and reveals the Irawati truth to her. After they left Satya took a deep breath and says she will surely die by doing all this. Yug was also there beside her.

Irawati tells the family members that it’s my responsibility to put Chamcham in jail. She called someone and told him to manipulate the CCTV footage. Ravikanth went to Irawati and request her to reveal about his second daughter. Yug came back and secretly Saryat also entered the room through the window. Yug says now Irawati will get defeated.

Irawati received the Cctv footage in which Chamcham would be seen in her place. Satya went to Irawati and begs her not to send her to jail. Irawati tells her don’t try to act in front of me. Yug was watching them secretly.

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