National Tourism Day: Hansa Singh opens up on her love for travel

Actress Hansa Singh says that she has travelled extensively in India and loves it. The actress adds that she has always been fond of travelling and loves road trips as well.

“India is a beautiful country and I love to travel, it’s actually a stress buster for me. I love road trips and I can do that as many times as possible. I had to travel to Pune for something, they had told me that they will send a car, I said, ‘Don’t, I will come by my car.’ I wanted to drive, experience it. I’m that kind of a junky when it comes to traveling. Post Covid, I want to travel everywhere. I would love to go to places which I haven’t seen before. I would like to go to places with clean beaches. I would like to experience Snowfall in the North like Himachal Pradesh, Shimla and Manali, Jammu and Kashmir, which I have not gone to in a snowy time. I would like to experience that because I feel that travelling is a great education. Anyone and everyone should take it,” she says.

You learn a lot through travel, says the actress, adding, “You can read, see it on our television or google it but experience it, it’s another way of learning it and that’s the lesson to learn. I have gone to Tirupathi a number of times already but I get a different lesson every time I go there. I learn something different.

I travelled to Pushkar too. It’s beautiful and very non commercial especially if you visit before or after the Pushkar festival. You learn a new way of life, you learn different cultures, people, interact with human beings and learn about them. So that kind of education is priceless. And I love to do it as many times as possible. I love to meet people. I make them smile. And I really like to take as many breaks as possible, drive down to different places I have not been and that’s my kind of travel story.”

Traveling solo makes you interact with different people. Which I enjoy. It’s more interesting as some people think I am a business woman , architect etc. I smile to know about myself through strangers. Being a solo traveller leads to interesting conversations which are very informative.

She adds, “ I am not a cocoon person and the next destination that I’m looking forward to is probably in winter time to go to Shimla but fingers crossed, or the Rann of Kutch. Let’s see if it works out but definitely which is cooler than Amchi Mumbai.