Nima Denzongpa 3 August 2022 written update

At the beginning of the episode, Nima gets back to her home. She begins her cleaning work there. She gets profound seeing Gulshan’s picture there and figures she will give back the joy to this home. Set laborers arrive at there. In the interim Suresh asks Sunita what’s the need to do this acting. Who will request such things for hawan? Sunita shares with him that she behaved like that to feel reasonable. Tulika acclaims her acting there. Tulika asks Suresh where did he gather this thistle, a canine’s nail? He says that Sunita requests him to bring such troublesome things to Hawan.

Just he knows the amount he attempted to gather those things. Suresh says that he got done with his task Is she completed her task? She gestures with and adds rest all in god’s grasp. Suresh says that they are getting late to meet Nima. Later Suresh asks Alok Doesn’t this equivalent dupatta that Nima wore on that day? Alok gestures with him. Tulika imagines that she is frightened. Alok requests that she do this for him. Suresh sets Tulika to wear that dupatta and expectations Alok to call Nima.

Triplet assembles Nima. Tulika imagines as Nima’s apparition had her. She chokes Alok neck while referencing him as a sibling. Suresh tries her hand and then alerts Alok to put vermilion on her. She imagines like as weak. Alok offers to him it’s smarter to move her home. Later Nima actually takes a look at the setting and affirms it’s working. She sees Alok gets back home alongside Suresh and Tulika. Nima Paya cash to laborers and requests them to leave before they see them. She switches off the light there. She stows away from their sight.

Suresh sees that Nima and the laborers are still there. They will wind up in hot water in the event that Alok see them. Alok going to really look around the house yet Suresh stops him. He converses with him in a women’s voice. Alok asks him for what reason did he acting strange. He begins going after him to redirect him. Laborers escape from that point by utilizing what is happening.

Suresh and Tulika are imagining like Nima’s apparition had them redirect Alok. Nima utilizes what is happening to escape from that point. Tulika asks him for what good reason he tied her hand she requests him to deliver her. Alok asks her how might he unfasten her both Suresh and Tulika were moved by Nima. He asks her when will Exorcist come. Sunita arrives there on time. Alok feels blissful seeing her there.

Sunita lets him don’t know anything to stress certainly Nima comes before her. Sunita drones a few Mantras and calls Nima to emerge. Abruptly smokes covered them. Photograph outlines begin shaking there. Suresh asks Sunita what’s happening there. Sunita lets him know Nima is an extremely strong soul. Is it safe to say that she is terrified to come before her?

All rights go to off there. Alok gets terrified seeing photograph outlines shaking naturally. Smokes covered them Nima strolls down to them while snickering. Alok gets terrified seeing her near him. Nima vanishes from that point and hangs in the air. Suresh and Tulika acclaim the game plans of Nima. Nima tells Alok that he didn’t bring her here however she brought him here. Alok takes cover behind Sunita in dread. Nima asks him where will stow away. She will follow him any place she goes? Tulika asks Alok for what valid reason did she referencing him as Alok? He is Avinash.

Nima comes there and panics against him. Sunita stops Nima there and enquires her about what’s she want? Nima tells her that she will kill him. Alok takes cover behind Tulika. She imagines choking Tulika’s neck and requests him to approach her. Alok shares with her that he doesn’t care about her killing her. He takes off from that point. Suresh goes behind him to look. Nima goes to look through Alok in the store room. Alok keenly closes her inside the cabinet and consumes it. Nima yells in dread. Later Alok offers to Everyone that he shut Nima’s apparition inside the pantry and consumed it.

Episode closes