Harphoul Mohini 3 August 2022 written update

At the beginning of the episode, Mohini lets herself know that seems to be perilously sitting tight for her in the channel. Maai hears her. She asks her for what valid reason the last option said that way. Mohini tells her that she said very much like that and she can deal with anything. Maai requests that she not go. Mohini tells her that they shouldn’t get terrified on the grounds that Balwant believes they should get frightened so he can overcome them. She says that she is solid like Harveer. She adds that she will deal with herself. Maai shows her how to pick an earth pot. Shalini lets Balwant know that she gave her best and separates the call. Balwant beat Surendra with a shoe and the last option shouts. He says that he needs to hear shouts from Maai’s home.

Then again, Devyani, Ragini, and other women see Mohini. Mohini moves towards the waterway. Town women say that they can’t allow Mohini to destroy the immaculateness of the channel. Mohini fills the pot with water. Devyani signals at Ragini. Ragini pushes Mohini in the channel.

In the interim, Abhimanyu asks Harphoul what they ought to do now. Harphoul lets him know that they can utilize the potatoes which he kept in the cooler of the godown. Banwari’s folks obliterate Harphoul’s potatoes. Harphoul attempts to safeguard his potatoes. He is going to get hit by rhythm however Abhimanyu saves the previous. Mohini battles to swim. She arrives at the land with pregnant woman Susheela’s assistance. Harphoul tells godown fellow that he would rather not keep his potatoes in the last’s godown. Godown fellow requests that Harphoul avoid godown.

Susheela inquires as to whether the last option is fine. Mohini expresses gratitude toward her. Devyani and Ragini insult Mohini. Ragini pushes Susheela. Be that as it may, Mohini holds Susheela and assists her with sitting. She chastens Ragini. She lets her that know this is the last option’s second slip-up before her. She lets Susheela know that the last option’s pulse expanded. She fills Susheela’s pot with water. Susheela leaves from that point. Mohini fills her pot with water. Menu comes there and sees that Mohini is wet. She attempts to help her however Ragini stops the previous. Devyani compromises Meenu. Mohini lets Meenu know that she is fine. Devyani makes Mohini fall on the floor. Mohini gets stressed seeing the messed-up bits of the pot. She lets Devyani know that the last option can break the pot yet not her soul. She picks a messed-up piece of the pot and fills water in it. She glares at Devyani and leaves from that point.

Maai requests that Harphoul not stress since all will be great. Mohini comes there. Maai and Harphoul get stunned to see Mohini’s condition. Shalini drops the water intentionally. Balwant acclaims the flavor of the sweet dish. Sharda lets him know that he has diabetes. Devyani says that Balwant can eat sweet dishes today. Harphoul reprimands Shalini. Mohini and Maai cry. Shalini faults Mohini for everything. After some time, Mohini lets Maai know that she has Ganga water and they can perform puja now. Shalini says that today they can’t make Harveer’s most loved halwa.