Pandya Store 25th November 2022 Written Update

At the beginning, Shiva colliding with Shweta’s dad. He asks Shiva about Dhara and Raavi leaving the house. He says that he would have got Shweta married to Krish if he had known about this earlier. Shiva warns him not to interfere in their family matters. Shweta’s dad leaves. Krish and Dev go to Gautam’s room and see Gautam sleeping. They lay next to Gautam on the bed. Shiva arrives there and sees them. He recalls the brothers sleeping between Dhara and Gautam when they were kids. He covers them with a blanket.

The next morning, Rishita peels the mosambi skin and deliberately throws it on the floor to make Shweta clean it. Rishita asks Shweta to pick up the skin and throw it in the dustbin. She also asks her to mop the floor and prepare breakfast. She praises Shweta and taunts her, saying that the relationship changed as soon as she had entered the house.

Dhara says to Raavi that she’s going to the hospital and asks her to pray to God that Shweta’s truth will be exposed. Raavi says that it won’t change the humiliation she faced in that house or Shiva’s doubts about her. Dhara says that Shiva is seeing what Shweta wants him to see. Dhara assures Raavi that Shiva will apologize to Raavi and take her back home with all due respect when he learns the truth.

Rishita gets ready to go to the hospital. She asks Dev to look after Chiku. Dev says that he knows that she’s going for the mission Shweta. He adds that Dhara told him everything. Rishita becomes happy and hugs Dev, saying she loves him. Shweta is working in the kitchen, lamenting about working as a maid for the Pandyas. Shiva arrives there and asks Shweta for a cup of tea. Shweta sees that Shiva is injured. She says that she will first treat his wounds.

Shiva is sitting sad, recalling the recent incidents. Shweta arrives there and starts to treat his wounds by saying she’s like his sister. Rishita says that Shiva hurt himself as he wasn’t able to bear the pain he gave to Raavi and he is also in pain. Shiva thinks that even Shweta understood his pain, but not Dhara and she didn’t support him. Krish sees and is surprised to see Shweta’s acting skills.

Dhara and Rishita are in the hospital. They ask the nurse at the reception where doctor Nithin is. Nithin sees them. The nurse says that he is behind them. They turn around and don’t find him. They ask the nurse where he is. The nurse says that he left as today is his last day in the hospital. Nithin comes out of the hospital and sits in his car. He phones Shweta and tells her that Dhara and Rishita are in the hospital searching for him.

Shweta says that they can’t catch him despite all their attempts, as they don’t know that he was working in the hospital for a short period and, moreover, today is his last day in the hospital and he will leave the country in a few days. She says that Raavi’s pregnancy secret will also disappear. Nithin asks Shweta why she did all this. Shweta says that she did this for money as her parents made Dhara Chiku’s custodian. She adds that she wants her rights back. Krish overhears this and thinks of informing Shweta about her plan. There, Rishita and Dhara fail to catch Nithin and he drives off.

Dev took Chutki to the shop. He is having a hard time calming a crying Chutki down. Shiva is struggling to lift a sack. Dev moves to help him, but Gautam stops him and nods no. Krish arrives and helps Shiva. In the hospital, Dhara and Rishita are shocked to learn that today is Nithin’s last day in the hospital. Dhara and Rishita manage to get Nithin’s address from the nurse. They are shocked when the nurse at the reception says that Nithin is going to leave India.

The episode ends.

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