Pandya Store 26th February 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

Episode begins with Natasha strolling the incline. Love you Zindagi… .plays… . Dhawal, Suman and everybody grin. Natasha embraces Suman. Suman says you look perfect. Natasha grins. She says I m Natasha Pandya, I run the Pandya store, Somnath’s pride. She goes. All the bahus embrace Natasha. Amba and everybody look on stunned. Amba says for what reason didn’t I kick the bucket prior to seeing this, what’s going on with these young ladies. Chirag requests that she sit. Juhi comes in front of an audience. She expresses this round closes here with wind and turns. Everybody applauds.

The appointed authority says the passage and outfits were unique, whose thought was it. Natasha says it was my thought. Juhi says I wasn’t persuaded, I m sorry, you can make a severe move. Dhawal stresses. Amba and Bhaven grin. The adjudicator says sorry, we are completely persuaded with this demonstration. Natasha and everybody grin. He says it’s the best demonstration and swimwear ensembles too. Everybody applauds. Hetal says these applauds and reaction are for us, am I dreaming. Cart squeezes her. Natasha expresses profound gratitude, the thought was to acquire customs current style.

She makes sense of her idea. She says Dhawal has helped me in this. Amba gets stunned. Natasha sees Dhawal and says thanks to him. She requests that he come in front of an audience. Dhawal proceeds to embrace his Bhabhis. Natasha likewise embraces them. Everybody applauds. Natasha says I need to call the people who have really buckled down in making these dresses, Shashank and his whole group, if it’s not too much trouble, come in front of an audience. Everybody applauds Shashank and the group. Natasha says I need to let you know something, Shashank’s group has a few ladies who were defenseless to foul up thing, he saved them from double-dealing and gave them another fantasy, the outcome are these dresses. The adjudicators applaud. The adjudicator says amazing, we saw a motivation and new reasoning here, now is the ideal time to report the outcomes, the best 10 challengers are… .

Chirag says even Isha is here. Amba says OK, her name ought to come. The main 10 challengers are reported. Isha, Natasha and Makhwana bahus. Cart’s mum and Hetal’s sibling applaud. Amrish blows up. Suman and everybody get cheerful hearing Natasha’s name. Natasha says I m Natasha Pandya. Suman embraces Natasha. Isha sees Amrish and Amba. Amrish leaves out of resentment. He sees Dhawal. Chiku sees him and stows away. Amrish flies off the handle. He reprimands Dhawal. Dhawal says I have zero faith in you. Amrish says my reasoning isn’t to applaud ladies wearing short garments, you ought to be embarrassed. Dhawal contends. He says let everybody live unrestrained choice.

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