Teri Meri Dooriyan 26th February 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

Garry brings water for Sahiba. She hydrates. Garry thanks god that she is protected. Sahiba shuddering asks what had befallen her, how could she come here. Angad says they will find out soon. Garry says they will find out soon who is attempting to hurt her. Angad to do a certain something. Brar family gets back and finds out about the fire mishap at home. Inder asks how did the mishap occur. Angad says soon they will figure out who got it done. Seerat meanders in her room anxiously. Garry strolls in. Seerat asks what is he doing here. Garry asks how did she manage Sahiba. Manveer faults Sahiba for lighting fire when they didn’t allow her to go to Simran’s play. Garry cautions her to quit accusing Sahiba. Manveer hollers at him to quit safeguarding Sahiba generally.

Garry hauls Seerat to Brars and uncovers that Seerat is behind Sahiba’s visualizations as she blended a fantasizing powder in Sahiba’s water, and when Angad began checking Sahiba food, Seerat put powder in Sahiba’s room warmer. Angad cautions Seerat to quit lying and acknowledge truth. Seerat acknowledges her wrongdoing and says she did it so Sahiba is demonstrated crazy and Angad gets separate from her without any problem. Family stunned to hear that. Manveer reprimands Seerat.

Seerat says she isn’t the only one in this wrongdoing and just followed Go’s requests. Go says she is lying. Angad cautions Go to tell truth today. Go lets family know that Angad is catching him once more, prior he strongly took him to Monga house and requested to apologize Keerat and presently he is driving him to acknowledge the wrongdoing he didn’t do. Gurleen and Jaspal requests that Angad stop wrongly blaming Go and says every one of the 3 Monga sisters are recklessly determined twisted to destroy Go’s life. Angad says he isn’t expressing it without a proof and requests that Garry show the evidence. Garry shows drug parcel concealed in Go’s guitar. Go says proof is planted by somebody to trap him and he is blameless. Angad shows coat and says he was attempting to deceive him wearing this to get him out of the room with the goal that Seerat can give powder to Sahiba.

Gurleen says every one of the confirmations can be planted to demonstrate Go blameworthy. Angad trusts so and uncovers how he saw Drift taking off from the fire scene and he went Garry to track down proof in Garry’s room. Go beginnings drinking liquor, amazing everybody. He acknowledges that he detests Sahiba for dropping his wedding with Keerat, as a result of which he is losing his one-melody wonder fame and his fan knocking about him, not entirely settled to obliterate Sahiba.