Anupama 26th February 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

Toshu lets Yashdeep know that he shouldn’t pick and drop the representatives like IT organization as my organization is a finished lady and can do anything, and his child and little girl in regulation will deal with her. yashdeep says in the event that you have done what you had said, your Mummy would have loved it. Toshu says you are my Mummy’s chief and not mine. Anupama apologizes to Yashdeep and requests that he go. Yashdeep asks would you say you are certain? Anupama says OK. Yashdeep goes. Anupama reprimands Toshu and asks him not to express such things once more. Toshu says he don’t believe her supervisor should come here. Anupama asks him not to meddle in her matters and consider his better half and little girl. She says your thug companions have come and informed that on the off chance that you don’t pay cash in 7 days then they have taken steps to shoot. Toshu says he has taken out the arrangement, and tells that he found a new line of work in Anuj’s organization, he will bring in cash and provide for them. He comes inside. Pari is strained. Toshu lets Pari know that the hooligans won’t return once more, and he will pay them cash as his occupation is set. He says they will purchase a major vehicle and house.

Dimpy is crying in the dance foundation contemplating Ansh’s trouble making. Titu comes there and says Kavya let me know everything. He says lets assuage the aggravation with dance.

Anupama hears Kinjal and Toshu have a contention and goes to their room. She says Pari’s rest is getting upset, and I was unable to rest. She says I come here for my terrific little girl and says I come here to help you both and not to turn into a joke or to see the show. She says currently such a lot of happened today, first those hooligans, then Aadhya disappearing and afterward the showdown with her, and afterward Toshu’s trouble making with my chief. She says she needs to work the entire day, and says on the off chance that this thing goes on, I won’t come to meet you both and won’t see your countenances likewise, then don’t say that Mummy has become American. She asks will I fall asleep or leave from here. Kinjal says sorry and says you won’t have any unsettling influence now.

Titu begins moving on the tune principal parinda kyun banu. He holds dimpy’s hand to move. Dimpy moves. Titu quits moving and goes. Dimpy thinks about Anupama’s words and says even I won’t acknowledge rout.

Anupama takes care of gajar ka halwa to Pari. Pari asks Kinjal for what reason she doesn’t make things like this and gives her cornflakes to eat. Anupama says in the event that you eat this day to day, you will request corn chips. Pari requests that she pick and drop her to school. Anupama says she can’t pick her, however Kinjal will come and pick her. She says she will drop her to school. Pari embraces her. Anupama lets Kinjal know that she has made nourishment for themselves and asks them to simply warm it and eat. Toshu comes there and says great morning women.

Anuj comes to the kitchen and sees Shruti applying margarine to the bread. Shruti says she was unable to rest and says he is looking entertaining in specs. Anuj says he was wearing focal points since 5 years, and today he wore it. She says she heard that he gave a task to Anupama’s child, says it is an effective method for interfacing with Anupama and afterward says sorry. Anuj says this is the issue of good individuals, they say sorry despite the fact that it isn’t their misstep. Aadhya calls Shruti.

Toshu requests that Anupama favor him and contacts her feet. Anupama favor him. He says he will take credit from organization and will pay the obligation. Anupama says runaway will be cleared for the trip to take off, and asks him not to take the credit from organization. She says Anuj is still great and haven’t changed. He regards the wrecked relations likewise, and you haven’t changed by the same token. She requests that he take care of business pleasantly.

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