Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th February 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

Episode begins with Yuvraj grabbing Abhira’s mangasutra. She punches his nose and runs. He says shameful move, Laila saves Majnu from the world’s torments, she doesn’t torment him. Her dupatta stalls out on some bramble. She runs. Ruhi shows the mangalsutra to Armaan. He picks it and says its Abhira’s mangalsutra. She asks where will we track down her now. He sees the pink dupatta stuck on the shrubbery. Abhira falls. Yuvraj holds her and grins. He says I got harmony, enough of running, we will wed at this point. He takes the sindoor box and says you will be mine. Armaan hops and stops him. He beats Yuvraj. The sindoor tumbles from Armaan’s hand and gets on Abhira’s hairline. Ruhi looks on. Yuvraj asks don’t you have some other work, you come anyplace, you ruined my marriage once more, you will not get saved today. Armaan says I need to beat you a ton today. They battle. Yuvraj gets Abhira. Ruhi requests that he leave Abhira and beats him. Abhira asks how might you venture to contact Armaan, you can’t get saved now, you fouled up with Armaan’s mother and my mother. Yuvraj goes to punch her. Armaan punches his face. Yuvraj focuses the weapon and yells enough. He snickers.

Yuvraj says our story will become paramount now, Abhira, I m not discussing me, Abhira can’t remain alive at this point. Armaan says no Yuvraj. Yuvraj says you will kick the bucket presently, let me say last farewell, sorry child, how will I respond, in the event that you acknowledged me, this would have not occurred, you acknowledged Armaan, I don’t think he cherishes you, presently bite the dust and go to welcome Sasumaa. Armaan reviews Yuvraj shooting Akshu. He comes before Abhira. They hear the discharge. They stress and check one another. Yuvraj is shot by the police. He gets found out. Madhav slaps him. He chastens Yuvraj and takes him. Yuvraj checks Abhira out. Abhira says thanks to Armaan.

Armaan reproves her. He says you didn’t tell me, you told father by Morse code, on the off chance that father didn’t realize that language, then, at that point, how might you respond, I asked you commonly, you didn’t tell me. Abhira cries. Ruhi says sufficiently its. He says don’t stress for her, we came here for no utilization, she can deal with her concerns, she needn’t bother with anybody’s assistance. Ruhi says she remained silent for mum and everybody’s wellbeing. He says Yuvraj planned to shoot her. Dev asks Charu what are you thinking. Charu says Abhira… Dev inquires as to for what reason didn’t she come to office. She doesn’t say anything. He says you can impart your concern to me, believe me. She grins. He says you can return home early in the event that you need. She says no, much obliged. He says okay, we will check case subtleties once. Dadi comes to the bistro and sees them. She calls Charu.

She says I need the samosas from your school bistro, are you there. Charu says OK, I will get it. She figures the reason why did she call me, did she see me, is she around. Dev says you look focused. She says I m OK.

Armaan causes Abhira to sit in the vehicle. Ruhi gets miserable seeing them. Dayere… plays… They arrive at home. Abhira staggers. Armaan holds her. Abhira says I m fine. Ruhi takes her. Armaan says don’t get terrified, we will enlighten Dadi regarding your phony smashed show. Dadi endlessly stops them at the entryway. She says Armaan, this young lady is demon than my regard. Armaan says no. She says you got her home after I asked you not to get her. Madhav comes and gets out anything that Abhira did, it was to save Vidya, she has a full right to remain here. He requests that she come. Abhira signs no. He says she is genuine Abhira, she regards you a great deal, she isn’t coming inside, she did the show in the first part of the day with the goal that we don’t follow her, Yuvraj was taking steps to kill Vidya. Everybody is stunned. Madhav says Abhira planned to wed him without telling anybody, she planned to destroy her life for the wellbeing of Vidya.