Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 26 July 2022 written update

At the beginning of the episode, Radha shouts at Mohan. She advises him to avoid Gungun. She requests that Gungun not stress since she won’t allow anybody to hurt her. She takes her to the lobby and says that she is with her. Mohan says that he will beat Gungun in the future in the event that she rehash her misstep. Radha lashes out hearing him. She asks him that how might he beat his little girl like this. Furthermore, who gave him privileges to do that. Damini asks her that what the last option talking about. Radha tells her that today she will talk and Mohan needs to tune in. She says that Gungun don’t have a mother so Mohan needs to satisfy the obligation of both mother and father yet what’s happening with he.

Gungun believes that it’s heading off to some place else. Radha lets Mohan know that he was unable to become a decent dad with this sort of conduct. Gungun attempts to stop her. Radha lets Mohan know that a little girl can battle against the entire world in the event that she has her dad’s help. She says that Rameshwar confronted backfire as a result of her still he is supporting her. She adds that father ought to safeguard his girl. She asks him that didn’t he pondered Gungun’s state of mind briefly moreover. Gungun ponders that she ought to come clean to Radha or not.

Radha says that Mohan can’t comprehend a dad’s liability since he don’t regard his dad Vishwanath. Kadambari requests that she stop it. Radha lets Mohan know that he can do anything he desires to do yet she won’t allow him to hurt Gungun. She says that Gungun used to say that Mohan couldn’t care less about her and she was correct about him. Tulsi’s soul says that Radha got Mohan wrong. Radha cautions Mohan which shocks everybody. She says that she is safeguard to safeguard Gungun. Mohan goes inside without saying anything.

Radha takes Gungun to her room. She offers water to her and gets some information about anything. Gungun advises her that the last option need to hydrate. Tulsi’s soul says that today Radha battle with Mohan for Gungun. She adds that she is happy that God sent a one more mother for Gungun. Furthermore, Gungun will not get a preferable mother over Radha. Radha actually takes a look at that assuming Gungun has any wounds. Gungun tells her that Mohan didn’t pound her. Radha requests that she make an effort not to save Mohan. Gungun advises her that they were simply acting to stop Sundari. Radha laments for attacking Mohan. Tulsi’s soul requests that she not fault herself.

Mohan sees his and Tulsi’s photograph. He reviews Radha’s words. Tulsi’s soul asks him that for what valid reason Radha’s words impacted him this much. Radha apologizes to Mohan. In any case, he shuts the entryway. Latha says that Radha did nothing out of sorts so Radha need not to apologize to Mohan. Radha says that Mohan is God for herself and he is correct consistently. Kadambari requests that Radha nod off. Gungun takes Radha to her room. Hriday converses with somebody about some bundle. Radha chooses to compose an expression of remorse letter to Mohan and she nods off. Hriday clicks her photograph and sent it to somebody. He requests that he orchestrate cash and detaches the call. He says that Damini has no clue about that what is his objective.