Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 27 July 2022 written update

At the beginning of the episode, Hriday clicks Radha’s photograph and sends it to somebody to sell her. Tulsi’s soul lets Gungun know that from today the last option has two mother. She says that Gungun is truly fortunate. Following day, Damini chastens Kaveri for consuming the hairpiece in the nursery. She says that Mohan didn’t see that yet Ketki saw everything. She adds that Kaveri destroyed their arrangement. Kaveri tells her that she took care of everything. Damini tells her that Mohan won’t converse with Radha after the previous battle.

Hriday comes there and inquires as to whether she makes certain about it. He says that Mohan and Radha battles like a couple. She asks him that what is he doing there. He advises her that he need to converse with her. She lets him know that others can’t see them together. She requests that he leave from that point. He leaves from that point. She trusts that Tulsi’s soul didn’t see her with Hriday. She says that she needs to exploit Radha and Mohan’s battle.

Kadambari requests that Mohan have food. Mohan tells her that he isn’t eager. She takes care of him. He tells her that he didn’t thump Gungun. She lets him know that she knew it and grins. She asks him that for what valid reason he did that show yesterday. He tells her that he is fiend for Radha. She asks him that for what good reason Radha influencing him this much. She lets him know that others will not grasp his consideration for Radha. Radha comes there. Mohan prevents Kadambari from opening the entryway. Radha lets Mohan know that she composed this letter without anyone else and she tosses it inside the room and leaves from that point. He peruses the letter which expresses that she is grieved. He grins seeing the spelling botch.

Damini comes there and Kadambari opens the entryway. She inquires as to whether he is fine. She says that Radha won’t change. Mohan tells her that Radha accomplished such a great deal for him. He says that he need to remain alone for at some point. Kadambari and Damini leaves the room. Afterward, Hriday is going to smoke however Damini stops him and she reproves him. He tells her that he saw Mohan chiding her. She requests that he not cross his cutoff points and leaves from that point.

Gungun takes Radha to Mohan’s room. She requests that Mohan converse with Radha or, more than likely everybody will get to be aware of their arrangement. She says that battle isn’t the answer for any issue. She adds that she can’t deal with crying Radha any longer and leaves from that point. Radha apologizes to Mohan. He tells her that he committed error since he didn’t attempt to figure out anybody. She lets him know that she said all that out of resentment. He comes clean with her that she said as it were. He requests that she leave from that point. She cries and leaves from that point.

After some time, Radha lets Gungun know that she hurted Mohan and cries. Tulsi’s soul says that Radha did nothing out of sorts. Gungun wipes Radha’s tears. She tells her that all will be great. Radha tells her that she lack opportunity and willpower. She says that she knows that how she needs to persuade Mohan. She attaches a fabric to her eyes. Gungun asks her that what the last option doing. Radha tells her that she will go to Krishna sanctuary like this.