Ritu Chaudhary: I found the subject of my short film Infertility to be very unique and something to be talked openly about

Actress Ritu Chaudhary Seth, who is part of the short film Infertility on the Youtube channel Content ka Keeda, says that she found the subject of the film very different from what is made nowadays and that is what motivated her to be part of it.
“The subject itself is very unique. It’s something that a lot of people in our society, even educated people, shy away from and consider taboo. So that is what I feel is unique about the film. Infertility isn’t a disease. It’s something that can be treated and that’s how it should be handled,” she says.
She adds, “I think an issue such as this one should be very openly discussed and tackled. Also, the field of medicine has become so progressive now. There is a cure and way out for everything and it is not something that one needs to hide from and be ashamed about. It is very normal and the truth of the times that we live in and just needs to be treated.”

The actress says that people are loving the film. “Till now the response has been amazing and I am getting a lot of DMs and calls that the subject is brilliant and the way it has been portrayed is even more brilliant. People are liking it,” she says.
Talking about her association with Shipra and Shivankar Arora, she says, “They are like a breath of fresh air to work with. I enjoyed the whole process of shooting, discussing, and reading with them. I really hope that we can do a lot more work in the future.”
Meanwhile, the actress has been part of different mediums and says that she looks at every project as her first one. “I have been around for a really long time but I treat every day on set as a new day. I treat myself as a newcomer and I need to learn every day and start fresh every single day. One thing I say very confidently about myself is that the fire to learn and the fire to do something new, still hasn’t diminished. This is the one thing that makes me grow. We need to be ready to learn each and every second of living the day. The day you stop learning and think that you know it all then that’s the end of it,” she says.
Talking about the roles she wants to play, she says, “I am looking out to play strong characters. In the beginning days of my career, it was about the lead roles but now I wish that in TV or any other medium I get to play a layered character now which has shades to it, as that is a dream role for any actor.” She adds, “Any medium which has content to watch on is a competition to another. OTT has competition from television but TV has its own audience as the content is slightly different from what you see on OTT. TV has a loyal audience but I don’t think that one of the others is going to wipe out.”