Rupali Ganguly: Rajan Shahi never fails to credit his team for his success

Be it for his successful shows or the numerous awards that he has won, producer-director Rajan Shahi never fails to credit his team for his success. Actress Rupali Ganguly, who shares a close association with Rajan, says that Rajan is one of those producers who cares deeply for his entire unit.

“Makers usually think that their names and show must be a hit but Rajan has always told me to win all the awards for my performances. Usually, the producers try to keep the actors in control but he is someone who supports all his actors a lot. Today, I know that if I am in trouble or in distress even at 3:00 am in the morning, he will be there. He is everybody’s friend,” she says.

She adds, “I look up to him and respect him a lot. I am completely in awe of this maverick maker because he is a workaholic and when he tells the story or narrates a scene or track to you, it makes you want to do good and give your best. His intuitions are so strong that whatever he has said to me has come true.”

Talking about their association, she says, “It has been such a beautiful journey. In 2000, Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahi launched and after 20 years we came together to create Anupamaa. It’s not just a show, it is a blessing. His intuition is so strong and he is correct about everything. It’s so wonderful to work with him. Anupama has become a household name and it’s destiny. God bless him and I hope this journey continues for the years to come. Anupama is a learning experience for all of us and I hope I continue to portray the vision he has for the character, through my performance, on screen. My only dream is to make my husband, son, my mother, my brother and Rajan proud of me. They are my family. He has my back. Thu thu thu and I hope this journey continues.”