Saanand Verma shares his role and experience in working with Indra Kumar’s Thank God

Versatile actor Saanand Verma’s last film was Madhur Bhandarkar’s Babli Bouncer and now the actor is back with Indra Kumar’s Thank God in a pivotal role. He says,
“Casting Director Shahid Hasan loved my work and he proposed my name to Indra Kumar ji. He approved my casting as he has also seen my work and liked it.” Sharing his experience of working with Sidharth Malhotra, Saanand adds, “He is a gem of a person and I was delighted to work with him. I have noticed he has a very nice sense of humor, very witty and very intelligent who knows exactly what it is to be delivered.” Saanand is playing a doctor in this film and it will be the first time when he is donning a doctor’s role in films.
He says, “My family doctor is quite funny. His name is Motwani. So I just imagined some of his facial expressions during my act in Thank God and that helped.

Indra kumar is known for laughter riots. So how was working with him?
“Dil, Raja, Beta these are all melodramatic films and then Dhamaal, Masti these are comedy genres, he has balanced it beautifully. He’s got a very nice sense of humor. He improvises a lot and gives an actor a lot of freedom. He has also got this cool, calm personality who is a very passionate filmmaker and does everything with a lot of passion and conviction.”

For the last few years Saanand has been part of many good films and he is quite humble about that. He says. “Actually my whole idea of acting is to do a variety of roles and cater to a very large audience. If I do different projects, if I play a variety of roles only then my audience base will keep on increasing with each project. So that’s why I do different characters and I’m really lucky. You have to work hard to do justice to every role. So I always work hard and get lucky by getting different kinds of characters and that’s how it should be. The whole thing is that I cannot do the same kind of roles over and over again. My main motto is whenever I’m acting I should be able to entertain. My audience should be entertained by my act, by my performance. The ultimate goal is to entertain people. For that it’s very important for an actor to work hard and get into the detailing, perfect narrative of the character. One should never get into any kind of zone which makes you a monotonous actor. So keep on doing something different to keep your audience happy and entertained all the time.” Verma also feels this film can be a game changer in his career. He says,
“Diwali is a time when people are in a festive mood. I’m very excited. I think Thank God is going to play a huge role in my career. It’s going to be a turning point. Because it’s a huge film, a big film with superstars like Ajay Devgn Sir. So I have a lot of expectations from this film. I’m very sure that this film will work and entertain a lot of people because it’s a comedy and the backdrop is extremely interesting and people are going to have loads of fun. ‘Thank God’ is going to make my Diwali and every Bollywood lover’s Diwali a good one.”