Sagar Parekh: You actually can’t find love, it happens… you might get attracted to a lot of people but not necessarily fall in love with all of them

Sagar Parekh believes that love is the most secure feeling. To him, it means having a companion, a best friend, a partner, an advisor, who can be there in every avenue in the journey of life. For the Balika Vadhu 2 actor, love is also a sentiment that cannot be characterised by words.

“The idea of love is different for different people. There is no way you can qualitatively compare the love I feel towards my mother with someone else’s feeling for his mother. It is very subjective. I have friends who believe that there is no such thing called love. It is a feeling that has been fed to the general masses through movies and media so it’s a phase and process of life where people learn and grow. The kind of love between teens and early 20s is different when it comes to those in their 40s. But I think that love continues to evolve with time,” he says.

Social media has blurred the lines between real and fake, and therefore made it hard to find love. “You actually can’t find love, it just happens. You might get attracted to a lot of people but not necessarily fall in love with all of them. There is a connection that you will feel with someone and that is the exact signal that your heart feels. It’s not about social media, you get to meet that person anywhere,” he explains.

Even if one falls in love, giving time these days has become an issue. “One of the simplest things you can do for your relationship is to be proactive and manage the time that you spend on yourself. There is work and other things, and you will have to manage all that while taking out time for your loved ones. The folks who make love last, know how to set boundaries in their different roles. Understanding is very important for both the people who are in a relationship,” he adds.

Many say love is an illusion. “If you call love a set of chemical reactions that happen in our brains engineered by nature to allow the human race to multiply, then sadly for me, I don’t believe love to be some kind of energy or being related to anything spiritual because the definition of spirituality isn’t clear. The feeling and consequences of love are very well known since the existence of the human race and I would say that love is a wonderful sensation or a state of being,” says Sagar.

It is often said that celebrities, busy chasing fame, don’t find love. “On behalf of every celebrity, I would say that the people have just characterised that we are after name and fame and have no time for anything else. It’s just that behind that name and fame, there is just one sole thing we desire and that is love. We are humans too. The most important thing for celebrities is the love from people and for people,” he adds.