Samarth Mahendra Singh Jurel’s role Nikhil in Udariyaan is being praised: A fan said that every time I am seen on screen, it makes her smile

Udaariyaan has been getting positive feedback from viewers. The show is being produced by Ravie Dubey and Sargun Mehta’s Dreamiayata Entertainment. Samarth Mahendra Singh Jurel, who plays the role of Nikhil in the show, is happy with the response. The actor talks about it.

“We are happy with all the love and support from our fans. My character Nikhil is being appreciated. The best compliment came from fans, one of them told me that ‘whenever you come on screen, you make me smile’,” he says.

Samarth does not take his character home. “Even if I want to be like Nikhil all the time then also I can’t because being like him all the time means you need a lot of energy and a lot of excitement in every small thing. I think Nikhil has given me the opportunity to live freely , to Just enjoy life, to do whatever you want to do,” he shares.

The actor shares that he takes a lot of time to get ready for the shoot. “I usually take a lot of time to style my hair, even more than girls,” he laughs.

Daily soap means a lot of hard work. “I seriously don’t have any particular plan for daily soap shoots, it’s just like whatever I’m doing I’ll give my 200% and start my day with gratitude. I enjoy doing TV and this show is closest to my heart,” he adds.

Samarth is all praise for Dreamiyata team. He feels they are creating waves through its unique programming and content. The best part is that they have targeted the youth.

Hindi shows have evolved content wise. There is an audience for all kinds of content. Agreeing, he says, “Hindi shows have evolved content wise. Nowadays there are a lot of options for audiences which are available on our platforms so If you have to impress the audience you have to work a lot on your narrative.”

The actor is close to all his co-stars. But, he is closest to Rohit Purohit, who plays the role of Advait in the show.

“He treats me like his younger brother. He has a lot of experience so he gives me a lot of advice, on and off the set too. I look up to him,” he continues, “Being the youngest in the team, people treat me like a kid. The reason why I do a lot of masti with everybody. I enjoy working with everyone.”