Pushpa Impossible’s Anuradha Singh Opens up about her career!

Actress Anuradha Singh, who is currently seen in the show Pushpa Impossible, says that there are times where she relates to her character. In a candid chat, the actress talks about how TV needs to update its content, her dreams and ambitions.

Tell us about your background and educational qualifications.
I am from Haryana. I have done my graduation and masters in criminal psychology, from Bangalore.

What is your role in Pushpa Impossible on Sab TV?
My role in Pushpa Impossible is that of Bhavana. The story is about a chawl in Mumbai and the issues that people face there. Pushpa and Bhavana are very good and close friends but when it comes to comparisons, Bhavana finds her very bossy sometimes. Bhavna’s family is doing well and, in fact, they owns many shops in that area and so she feels why should she take Pushpa’s attitude. I think, not only me, everyone would relate to this character because we all have emotions of love and hate in our heart. There are ups and downs in all our lives and our relationships with others.

How much do you relate to your character?
I think not only me, everyone would relate to this character because we all have emotions of love and hate in our heart. I relate to it a lot because sometimes we have some ups and downs with them too.

The show depicts the complexities of relationships. Do you agree?
I don’t think the story of Pushpa is related to complexities but related to issues that happen in a chawl such as domestic violence.

You are also doing Imlie. What is your role in it? How much do you relate to your character?
Yes, so my character’s name is Divya and I am Atharva’s Chachi in the show. It is a comic-negative character. There are times when I don’t think what to say and what not to say in front of people. I think I have done that in real life too by mistake. So, this is where I can relate to the character. It happens when you are quite spontaneous and, later on, you realise that these things are not supposed to be said.

If not an actor what would you have been and why?
If not an actor, I would have been an anchor. For the past nine years, I have been working in the media industry. If I had not become an actor, then as I said, I have completed my graduation in criminal psychology, so maybe I would have made a future in that.

How do you balance working on 2 shows simultaneously?
It was very difficult for me at the start because both the show timings used to clash and all the sequences during that time were important. It is very difficult to handle both issues, but I guess every artist wants to see a time in their career where they don’t have time as they are working. I am very blessed with the work I am doing and I am very happy with all the work and the characters I am playing.

The content on Television has evolved considerably. Do you agree?
Yes, I agree, but I also think that the content on television should be upgraded a little more to keep the audience intrigued, so that the audience stays loyal to us and supports us. It should be better than the best because it is going to help us and our audience.

The portrayal of women on Television shows has changed considerably. The women characters are more realistic. Comment.
I think we try to keep things realistic but it won’t be realistic for a long time. I would like to give an example of the show Anupamaa. Anupamaa, even at this age, has been doing so well and has made a good comeback on television. Now the stories have touched people’s hearts, whether they think they are very realistic and they can relate to it or not. But the story is always changed according to the TRP as that determines what people like.