Anu Aggrawal on attending the Indian Idol Aashiqui episode: Celebrating the blockbuster iconic film with unforgettable music was awesome

Actress Anu Aggarwal will always be known as the Aashiqui girl since the film formed a major milestone in everyone’s life who watched it when it released. The actress recently attended an Aashiqui special episode of singing reality show Indian Idol, and loved reliving the memories.

“To be truthful, even though I was a known supermodel, I was in a self-imposed long exile from the entertainment biz. Aashiqui made me and I made Aashiqui, along with the team. Celebrating the blockbuster iconic film with unforgettable music was awesome. Being in highlight after over two decades was trippy for me! We made history together so my bond with not just the actors but also Kumar Sanu, Mahesh Bhatt and the team is deep,” she says.

She adds, “It was nostalgic more so as we had a next gen daughter singing one of my songs, born of parents who fell in love, got married after being inspired by Aashiqui. She was even named after Anu, my personal and also my lead role’s name that I played in the movie Aashiqui.”

Talking about interacting with the young talented singers at the Indian Idol platform, she says, “It was wonderful to hear the talented youth sing, I want to do more for them, more than just singing, which is great too. My foundation AAF ™️ (Anu Aggarwal Foundation) works a lot with children and the youth, it is of crucial interest to me. The miracle module I teach is Anufunyoga ™️. I have personally studied yoga philosophy and psychology of the biological/ physiological changes that adolescents go through to turn into youth, and how to channelise their minds to be better human beings, to fulfil their dreams.”

While Aashiqui gave her a lot of fame and stardom, her foundation teaches Anufun and raises awareness. Anu says that she is, today, living her dream. “Aashiqui was just the beginning which had the slogan “Love Makes Life Live”. Today I am living that in a bigger picture”