Anuradha Singh talks about her brother Anurag Desiworldwide’s musical journey!

Actress Anuradha Singh’s brother Anurag Desiworldwide started his journey as a musician in 2018 and there has been no turning back since then, says the actress who is currently seen in Pushpa Impossible. She adds that she keeps a regular tab on his work and can see his growth.

“He started his music career in 2018. He had this music interest for a while and he used to write lyrics and give it to his friends, who are singers. Then he came across a Dubai-based singer, and he asked him to get featured in the video too. Since then, he has been doing music and he has already done five songs,” she says.

She adds, “As he is staying abroad, I tell him what’s trending in India as per the current listeners. I always give him my inputs on what kind of songs the youth listen to nowadays. He is doing great. He has an amazing fashion sense and he is utilizing it in such a way that it might be a trend in near future too. Moreover, if I compare his first song and now, I can see that there is huge improvement. He is learning too, so the process is on!”

In fact, the two would love to work together. “We both are artists, it’s just that he is a musical artist and I am an actor. So, there is always a requirement of an actor if a story is planned for a song or in an act. We all work according to the requirements of the character, so, yes, we might be instrumental in each other’s career! Exchange of ideas and thoughts are always there. We can take examples from Tony Kakkar and Neha Kakkar; they are the perfect example for this!”