Your imagination manufactures the future: Ravie Dubey

The actor believes that no dream is impossible to achieve

Life comes with expectations and dreams. As humans, we have the tendency to follow only those dreams which have a tinge of realism. All those that do not fit in, are discarded. Some people, however, do not give up on what society may label ‘impossible’. They work hard and relentlessly even when the world questions them, to achieve their dreams and set an example for others.

Ravi Dubey, an actor, and anchor believes that no dream is impossible to achieve. “Our destiny only determines our past because we can’t do anything about it. It determines our present to some extent because we cannot do much about it but it cannot determine our future,” he said.

The actor had attempted suicide when he failed his engineering exams. He said at that time, realism had hit him badly. He wished that he would have been delusional. “If I was not realistic in that moment I would not have committed the most shameful act of my life which was an attempt to end it,” he said.

Not only did he surpass that moment he also came out as a man who believed that he has the potential to create his future. Calling future an “imaginative space” he said it is a space of infinite possibilities. “Your imagination manufactures the future,” he added.

He encouraged everyone to imagine and find the highest version of themselves and believe in it.