Saanand Verma, Vijayendra Kumeria, and Sudha Chandran share their secret to handling stress and striking a balance!

Saanand Verma

There is only one reason for celeb burnout that is because we don’t keep our calm and cool. If we keep cool then everything will be sorted out. Being alert is really important because sometimes things get mismanaged. Bodyguards don’t work properly or sometimes there is some goof-up in crowd management. Many times the fans cross their limit. Ups and downs are part and parcel of life so we should keep our minds calm. I keep calm by keeping myself mentally strong and keeping away the negative energies. Greed, anger, and anxieties should be deleted from your system. An actor wants more people to come to him, give them love, click pictures, and appreciate their work. The more you get the more good it is. I enjoy whenever people come to me because I am working for them. I think about my audience and work. They are my top priority and I love them. When they reach out to me for anything then I feel more than happy. To keep work stress under control, the best way is to keep yourself mentally strong. The problems occur when you aren’t mentally strong and are vulnerable. Always work on your mental strength. I do it and keep stress aside. If any stressful situations are created in my life then I delete them.

Vijayendra Kumeria

It’s not that I do not get affected by the stressful routine as an actor, but I try my best to keep calm and breathe. I meditate once a day and do my breathing exercises. I preserve my energy in breaks and take proper care of my meals and water intake and try to keep my spirits high. An actor is a people person so it’s inevitable to be surrounded by people and have fans who want to be in touch. I personally do not feel exhausted meeting people and fans and I do not take a lot of pressure when it comes to social media. I try to enjoy every bit of my job even if it is stressful to work all day, I keep interacting with co-actors and technicians and keep cracking jokes. Doing that releases half the pressure as you are in a happy zone, meditation and breathing are helpful too. Plus whenever you get time a quick nap can do wonders. I think people take too much pressure and that affects them. One should just go with the flow and take care of his or her well-being. If you are a celebrity just enjoy being one instead of taking the unwanted pressure. Above all stop taking everything too seriously.

Sudha Chandran

It’s very difficult to keep work stress under control because many times you keep telling yourself that you should. It is taking stress but knowingly or unknowingly we are all a part of the system where we take stress for ourselves or for somebody else. As a celebrity, we all have deadlines to be met and are victims of stress. We all should take this matter very seriously. I was also a person who used to like working around the clock but when age ticks in and you see what’s happening with celebs around that is an alarm that rings in your mind that you need to slow down in your life and you can’t become a victim of stress. This is what enlightens me is that we need to take things cooly in life and there is no need to take stress because what’s meant to happen happens. Even as far as work is concerned I have come to a conclusion that I would take no stress and have cut down on my working patterns also. I just work more for pleasure, work that I enjoy. Many times it happens that you don’t enjoy what you are doing then your quality suffers. We are in a profession where people will be around us and that is important. Imagine getting up one day and discovering that you don’t have fans at all which as an actor is suicidal. You need people around you and people to love you who keep assuring you that they are looking forward to seeing you. It’s all about time management. It’s not that I can keep calm in all situations. There are times when you burst out, get hyper, things don’t go the way you want and it’s natural for anybody to react in those situations. But every time you can’t be shouting, yelling, and making it a practice. I keep myself calm by telling myself that I am just here for work not to change the pattern of work. Things where I don’t have to get involved I don’t involve because my job is to act and deliver.