Shaadi Mubarak 17 December 2020 Written Update – Nandni plays trick on Preeti

At the beginning of the episode, Preeti tries to cook cake while KT came he ask her to look into this video. While almost finish everything. She accidentally smears a truffle on her face while saying that everything is done. KT calls her name. She asks what? He says she is looking cute with chocolate truffle on her face. He helps her to remove it. Both share eyelock moment. While Nandni catches their lovely moment. Her heart starts burning. Preeti goes to bring a cake.

KT notice Nandni. He wants to hurt her more so he tries to come closer to Preeti. While Preeti is in shock. Preeti asks KT what he is doing? KT says they will cook cake later but just don’t waste this moment. She looks into the mirror. She finds Nandni and thinks that KT is doing all this to hurt Nandni. While Nandni goes from there. Preeti asks him to stop his drama, Nandni went already. Meantime Juhi calls him. Juhi tells KT that they can’t book a car as Arjun is still very young. KT asks her to book the car as they can give money to the people.

Preeti asks Juhi never to do this kind of work. She hangs up the call. Preeti asks KT not to messed up Arjun’s mind while giving him such an expensive gift even when he is young. Both start to fight. Later Arjun praises Nandni’s hand-made cake. Nandni tells him her plan. Ahead Nandni deliberately drops her cake and accuses Preeti of that. Arjun starts crying and asks Preeti to apologizes to her mom. Preeti says but she did nothing wrong. KT scolds her and asks her to says sorry to Nandni. Preeti gets shocked. KT takes Arjun from there. Nandni taunts Preeti that KT still loves her.

These words of Nandni start bothering Preeti. KT takes Preeti to Nandni and confronts Nandni for her misdeeds. He asks her to apologizes to Preeti. Nandni says no, she will not do it. KT then himself says sorry to Preeti. Preeti forgives him. Later Kusala asks Juhi where is the car. Juhi says she didn’t book it yet. Kusala asks why? She tells that Maa asks her not to do so. Kusala asks her to never call Preeti as Maa calls her Preeti Mam. She says okay. Neel tells KT and Preeti about ball dance. KT agrees to do the dance with Preeti.

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