Shaadi Mubarak 3 November : Preeti slaps Tarun

At the beginning of the episode, Preeti slaps Tarun and scolds him for his wrong behavior. Preeti tells Tarun that if she wanted to, she could have sent Tarun to jail for torturing her, but she did not do so because she wanted to give him a chance. But now he has stabbing everyone, and she wishes for him that the pot of Tarun’s sin will be filled soon. And he got what he deserves.

Preeti asks Tarun to go to Priyanka and apologize to her. Tarun apologizes to Priyanka, but Priyanka does not give him any answer. Preeti goes to Amit and begs him not to punish Priyanka for Tarun’s wrong antics.

Amit agrees to Preeti and prepares for engagement. Everyone is happy. Preeti asks Tarun and Rati to leave their house. They go away. And the ritual of engagement begins. Amit and Priyanka exchange the engagement rings. Kusum is happy, and Priyanka is glad to see Kusum. Rati showers the wrong words against Preeti while Tarun is listening. Later, Tarun acts in anger.While Rati receives Chanda’s call and Chanda tells her that Preeti failed to complete her project. Rati is thrilled to know this and informs Tarun and says that now Preeti will lose the bet.

Rati plans that she will take revenge when Preeti returns home. Tarun agrees. Next, on the day of Diwali, Preeti and others give gifts to each other. Juhi and Kusum talk about saving Preeti from going to Tarun’s house. KT is worried about Tarun’s condition and thinks that he will not handle Shadi Mubarkh without Preeti. Preeti lights Diwali and Diya. KT is lost in Preeti’s thoughts. Kusum prays that for Preeti and asks god to make her wins the bet.

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