Shaadi Mubarak 7th Sep : Preeti decides to live her life with self respect

The episode starts with Kusum teasing Preeti and Preeti says that she wants something this time as it’s very important for her. Kusum asks her to ask what she wants. She says she wants self respect and don’t want to live on other’s money. She says that she had always considered her father’s, her husband’s and her son’s house as hers and took care of it with immense dedication. However in reality there isn’t anything that she could call hers. She says that she wants to stand on her own feet and warns to earn living. Preeti says that whenever she extends hand for money everyone kept saying that she doesn’t know how hard it is to earn it. She says about Kusum’s advise last night and says that she has bonded relationship with everyone except herself. She says that she wants to live her life earning for herself and everyone should hold respect for her in their eyes. She says that she needs a place where she can call it hers without extending hand for others money. She wants to be with her friends and family with full right and respect. The only thing she wants right now is her self respect. Kusum agrees with her and says that every woman deserves to live with self respect. She says that no one should let anyone stamp them without respect. She agrees with Preeti’s decision. Juhi says that she has always inspired her and today she once again learnt how to live with respect from her. Kusum’s daughters praises Preeti for standing up for herself and being an inspiration. Kusum teases Preeti for bringing everyone to her side and reminds them that she’s the mother of the house. Sumedh says that if Preeti is Rani then the the one who taught her to live is maharani and she’s mahan Rani of the house. Preeti too says that she do want to make her own place but until then she’ll be in her room only and everyone laughs hearing it. They all cluck selfies. On the other hand KT celebrates mother’s day with his mother and Chachi and they all dance and celebrate. At Tarun’s place Rati places bitter gourd in front of him. Tarun says that he doesn’t like it but Rati asks him to have it without throwing tantrum. She blames him for still not bringing Preeti back home and thus she needs to do all the house hold work as well as her office work. At Kusum’s place, everyone are thinking of various career options for Preeti but none works out. Tarun asks Rati to hire a maid but she taunts him for earning less. She asks him to call any relative or do whatever he wants but she needs Preeti back in the house. Generator bill arrives to Tarun and he sends it to Preeti. Preeti receives it and Kusum asks why should she pay. Preeti says she arranged everything and thus needs to pay too. She brings the money and pays it. Kusum gets an idea and suggests Preeti to become wedding planner. Juhi too agrees as Preeti arranges everyone’s wedding with different ideas. They all agree with it and celebrates it. Precap : KT suggests Preeti to join NGO and Preeti lashes out at him for looking down on her. She says she wants to earn at this age and he’s looking down at it.

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