Shakti 12 November 2020 Written Update : Virat spoils Heer’s hand made food

At the beginning of the episode, Bhua says that there must be some reason behind Preeto to keep such conditions, which she will find out soon. Heer also agrees with her. Virat says Preeto is doing all this for Heer’s own good, so they should not doubt her intentions. Then Sant and Daljit comes there and greets Bhua. Parmeet asks Bhua to rest. Bhua says today Heer will make food. Gurminder tells Heer that Bhua does not like to eat spicily then she will have to cook carefully. Heer is going towards the kitchen. Virat holds Heer’s hand and takes her to the corner. The two share romantic moments. Gurminder interrupts them. Gurminder takes Heer to the kitchen.

The doctor checks Preeto and says that Preeto fainted due to anxiety but now that he has given medicine, she will be fine. Preeto comes to her senses and insists that she will go to Heer. Harak stops her from doing so and asks her to rest.

Later,  Heer calls Mahi and asks for the recipe of Matar Paneer. Mahi tells her the method of Matar Paneer. Preeto listens to their talk and calls Virat and says that he should not let Heer make good food or else she will lose the condition. Next, Virat goes to the kitchen and puts lots of chili in Heer’s hand made food. Heer is coming towards the kitchen, but before Heer notices Virat, he hides. Gurminder tells Heer that she should serve food soon. Heer does what she says.

Bhua sits at the dining table and complements the large table. Sant says that he will buy a similar table for Bhua as well. Parmeet does not like this thing and she taunts Bhua. Bhua also taunts Parmeet and makes Parmeet’s mouth shut. Heer serves food. Bhua takes her first bite only after chewing the first morsel she tastes a terrible chili flavor.

Bhua gets disturbed and she scolds Heer. Sant feeds Bhua jaggery. Bhua goes to the neighbors to have her dinner. Sant scolds Heer. Heer says she will bring back the food. Virat says there is no need, he will order the food from outside. But Parmeet asks Heer to drink Mirchi water to punish her. Heer is doing the same but Virat snatches a jug of water from Heer and swallows it. Parmeet and others are stocked to see it.

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