Barrister babu 12 November 2020 written update : Binoy taunts Bondita

At the beginning of the episode, Anirudh tells Bondita whether she does not think that fireworks should be played less on Diwali so that the atmosphere remains pure.  Bondita says, but Diwali is a festival of lights, so without firecrackers, the light will be reduced.  Anirudh says the light comes from the lamps and they have lit it.  Further, Anirudh tells Bondita that he should now meet the friends of Heera Mandi and present them with the gifts of Diwali.  Bondita asks for her gift.  Anirudh tells her that her gift is lying in the temple.  Bondita goes to the temple and gets her slate there.  She is happy to see the slate.  Anirudh announces that from now on, a new chapter in Bondita’s life will begin.

Later he takes gifts for Suraiya and Ramiya and other girls.  Ramiya asks Anirudh for how long he is going to continually give them gifts.  She adds that one day they will become a burden for Anirudh.  Anirudh says this will not happen because now they will start the work of sewing.  And it will be named Small Scale Industries.  Bondita refuses.  Everyone looks at her with confusion. Bondita says the name will be Durgashakti Small Scale Industries.  Anirudh likes the idea of ​​Bondita and finalizes her suggested name.

Trilochan goes to Binoy and asks him what he was thinking.  Binoy says that he is thinking about Bhowmik and Mini and wants that Mini should not come back in their life.  Further, Anirudh asks Bondita to start the study.  Bondita touches his feet.  Anirudh says that he told her much time to never touch his feet, then why is she doing this.  Bondita says that she is touching his feet as a student.  Anirudh asks if Trilochan told her about Guru, Shishya’s relationship.  Bondita says yes and asks what he would take in Guru Dakshina.  Anirudh says that he will take Dakshina from her when she will become something.

Binoy scolds Batuk because he ruined his entire Diwali leaves and is now studying at the end.  He asks if he doesn’t want to become a big man or if he likes wants to be like Bondita who only knows how to cook lunch.  Trilochan interrupts him and says that Bondita is the best housewife so just don’t use such insulting words for her.

Anirudh gives Bondita knowledge about the letter associated with “A” and asks her to speak “A” for Anirudh.  But Bondita refuses this, while Anirudh insists her to take his name.  Trilochan prevents Anirudh from doing so.  And says that it is against the values.  Anirudh asks Bondita to take his name.  Bondita runs away from there.  Trilochan laughs at this act of Bondita.  Saurav tells Anirudh that Durgashakti industry machine has arrived .  Anirudh goes from there with Sourav.

Later, On the way, Bondita collides with Batuk. And their copies fall into the water. Batuk starts crying. Binoy asks what happened. Batuk tells him that his copy fell into the water. Bihari extracts Batuk’s copy from water. Bondita asks Bihari for her copy. But Binoy stops Bihari and taunts Bondita.

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