Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13 November 2020 Written Update : Kartik, Naira unique Karva chauth

At the beginning of the episode, Kartik tried to push Buggy, but it did not move. Kartik says the moon to arise after some time. Dadi gets to know that Nira went to take Kartik and started panicking. Kartik was sitting in Buggy, and suddenly it got started, but it was running very slow. Naira was convincing, but the police did not allow her to go Nira video calls Kartik and told Kartik to confirm that you are his husband. After that misunderstood got clear, and the police told Naira to leave.

Naira found that the auto driver was missing from there so she drove that auto and went there. Naira saw the Buggy and laughed at Kartik. After a while mood arises and Naira took out her plate from auto and ended her fasting, but Naira forgot to bring water. Naira clicked a pic and sent it to Dadi to make everyone relief.

Naira and Kartik were finding water suddenly few men’s caught Kartik and blamed him for breaking the pot every day. They called the police, and after the police came they saw Kartik and said everyone is blaming you for any other reason, and by your look, it doesn’t look like you are a thief. Manish was angry with Kartik because he forgot to attend the meeting Swarna tried to calm him.

Kartik gets fainted and feels down on the ground, and Niars got feared and started waking her. Kairav was upset that Naira and Kartik have not come back yet. Suddenly Naira came with Buggy, and Kartik was laying unconscious. Everyone gets panicked after seeing them. Dadi gets to know that Naira has not yet ended her fasting.

Episode end

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