Yeh Hain Chahtein 13 November 2020 Written Update : Rudraksh and Pressha leave for honeymoon

At the beginning of the episode, Rudraksh confesses her mistake and touches Preesha’s feet. Everyone gets shocked. Preesha sat down and told Rudraksh that in a couple of relationships, it’s no need to bend. Preesha says it’s all about trusting and supporting each other. Ahana comes to her room and felt irritated about this.

At the table, by mistake Saransh discloses the Otty plan and tells sorry to Rudraksh. Ahana said Rudraksh to focus on his work as they have suffered a great loss. Balraj also supported the. And said them to go and have fun. Ahan gets jealous of this. Rudraksh thought in his mind that he will get to know about the real truth behind Saransh and those magical words. Yuvraj came to Rahul home and get to know that Rahul is shifting to Switzerland permanently, and Neerja was passing from there informed them that Preesha is also going to a hill station for her honeymoon.

Yuvraj feels angry from inside. Rahul told Yuvraj to move on and forget Preesha. Yuvraj grasped Rahul’s collar. Shardha and Vasudha help Preesha in her packing. Rudraksh came, and making an excuse took Preesha from there. Vasudha and Shardha laughed after they leave. Rahul told Yuvraj to get out of the house.

Yuvraj breaks the pot outside the temple. Rudraksh grasped Preesha and was not leaving her. Preesha said she will tell those magical words over there. A strange woman was moving to meet Rudraksh. Yuvraj went to the temple and sat beside the beggar and start begging, but one of the beggars told him to leave from there and not to destroy his business.

Preesha was about to leave and give instructions to Saransh. All were standing to see-off them. The strange woman went inside the temple there Yuvraj noticed her and get shocked.

Episode end

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