ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein 13 November 2020 Written Update : Kamal sacrificed his life

At the beginning of the episode, the doctor came outside and said that they tried their best, but they could not save him. Virat gets inside the room and removes the white cloth from Kamal’s face, and felt upset for him. Virat recalled the promise which he has given to Kamal.

Sarits went to Sai and feels hesitant to tell her that Kamal is no more. But Sai was not responding to her after that Sai picked a glass and went to Kamal with tears in her eyes. Sai starts talking normally to a kamal dead body. Sai was feeding holy offerings to Kamal and gets angry with her for not eating that. Sarita tried to calm her down and said to her to accept that Kamal is no more.

Virat was also trying, but Sai was ignoring her. Manis was leaving for Ladak for the search of Samrat. Other family members calmed her down and stopped her. And told her that Patarlekha would keep fasting for Samrat, and it’s our religious tradition. Patterlekha Sai found Kamal’s body temperature was Colling and started panicking. Sai was not accepting the truth then Sarita took Sai outside the room.

Sai started crying and shouting at why he left her behind. Virat told Sai to control herself, Suddenly Sai pushed Virat and blamed him for Kamal’s demise. Sai told him a murderer. Patterlekha got new clothes and ornaments for her fasting. Ptterlekha gets upset and started thinking of it.

When they were going with Kamal’s dead body, Virat came across the man who fired on Kamal Virat gets angry and was about to take out his gun, but other police officers stopped him. Virat warned them that he would put them behind the bars and also told that he would not get Kamal sacrifice wasted.

Episode end

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