Shaadi Mubarak 13 November 2020 Written Update : Rati creates rift between Bhua and Preeti

At the beginning of the episode, Preeti tells Bhua to trust her but Bhua asks how the door was locked from inside. Because if she came for work only then why she closed the door. Preeti says she does not know how this happened but she is telling the truth.

Baldev says that the thief never says that she is a thief so they should not waste time on Preeti. Preeti says that they are misunderstanding. Bhua says if she can tell her what her nath was doing in KT’s kurta. Preeti is unable to answer this. KT tells them to trust Preeti and tells them that they are nothing more than a partner.

Rati interrupts and says that KT is right as she has seen them both working with reverence. And if KT calls her wife, then she will tell how happy KT and she are together and KT cannot do such an act. Kusum thinks that perhaps all this is done by Rati only when she was speaking so sweetly.

Kusum says that she should not harass anyone’s wife by calling. Rati says that if the phone call can clear all the things then why not. KT says but his wife has left him, so he can’t call her. Everyone is shocked and KT leaves the room. Rati sends a photo of Preeti and KT to Baldev, in which they are eating Rabri Khurchan. Baldev shows these photos to everyone. That’s when a man tells Bhua that everyone is waiting for Preeti’s honor program.

Bhua gets sad and tells Preeti that although Preeti has fallen from her eyes, still they have to pretend in front of the world. Further, KT is saddened to think that Preeti is insulted because of him. Bhua praises Preeti. Preeti’s eyes become moist. Juhi says Preeti broke down and her self-esteem was shattered as well. Kusum says she is standing with Preeti and she will take back her self-respect. Preeti goes to KT and questions him why she lied. KT tries to convince her that he didn’t want to lie to her. Kusum tries to make Bhua understand that Preeti does nothing wrong and all things are done by Rati to defame her. There Preeti curses KT for breaking her trust.

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