Shakti 12th August : Preeto suspects Shano and Soham

The episode starts with There is a debate between Heer and Virat and after that ends, Virat leaves from there. Nutan is surprised to see such behavior of Virat because at one time Virat loved Heer a lot but today because Heer is a eunuch he hates her only for this reason.

Jharana reaches Virat’s house and asks Virat’s mother about Virat. Parmeet says Virat has not come yet. Jharana thinks why Virat has not come yet? Then Virat comes and Jharana asks the reason for his late arrival. Virat says that he reaches home late due to Heer’s nonsense. Parmeet sees Gurminder and asks Gurminder to talk to Virat about marriage.

A woman asks for help from Preeto. She says that her daughter is about to get married but they have no money as because of Corona her husband lost his job. Harak and Preeto give some money to the woman as help and tell her not to worry. Heer listens to their words and gives her wedding Chunri to that woman’s daughter. Soham comes and sees all this. Preeto pretends in front of Soham as if Heer too will get married soon and she should not give her chunri to that woman. Shano is stunned to see her behavior. Heer says she will buy another one.

Preeto then asks Soham where did he go. Soham says he just went for a walk. Preeto suspects Shano and Soham. Jharana there brings Virat’s favorite tea for him. Virat feels as if Heer is standing in front of him. But then he comes to his senses and sees that Jharana is standings in front of him. Gurminder comes and talks to Virat about Jharana. Gurminder says that Jharana is a very good girl and he should get married to her. Virat says he does not want to talk about it.

Shano gives tea to Soham and asks him did he get anything against Harak and Preeto? Soham says no. Soham says he will soon find out the truth and punish Harak and Preeto for their actions. Shano becomes happy.

Jharana approaches Gurminder and asks why she is behaving differently today. Parmeet comes and tells her the reason for this different behavior of Gurminder. Jharana also tells Parmeet about her plan.

At night, Virat is eating food and thinks whether it is really hard to tolerate hot chili. And he thinks about eating chili but then he remembers the challenge and throws a bottle of chili sauce. There Heer learns to pierce the needle and thinks that she will not leave the work of social service because of Virat. Episode ended.

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